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Ten Things Your Dog Needs This Winter

Winter is coming! For Central New Yorkers, winter is already here. As the temperatures drop, so do the prices on great new products in anticipation of the holiday season. Don’t forget to keep your little furry family member in mind while you are holiday shopping. From new outfits to make the cold more bearable and stylish, to the newest in doggy tech, this article will provide you with the 10 things your dog needs this winter!

Elana enjoys the outdoors in Syracuse without her paws cracking from the cold thanks to paw balm.

  1. Light Up Christmas Tree Hoodie

You’ve dressed your dog up as Cupid for Valentine’s Day, a bunny for Easter, a ghost for Halloween and a turkey for Thanksgiving, so why not go for gold and dress them as a Christmas tree this holiday season? With the light up Christmas tree hoodie, your dog can shine like the star you’ve always seen them as.


  1. Paw Balm

Winter is hard enough for us to get through, and we get to do it with boots. Our dogs, however, don’t always have that luxury. To help protect your dog’s paws from harsh winter conditions like salt, ice and snow, consider giving paw balm a try. The balm is petroleum-free and all natural, so your dog’s paws will stay protected and you won’t have to worry about chemicals seeping into their skin.


  1. Dog booties

Just like ours, our dog’s feet need protection. If you want something more substantial to protect your dog’s paws this winter, get them some dog booties. Not only do they protect paws in the cold and harsh conditions, they also look really cute on our pups! It may be cold out, but with these booties, you and your pup can enjoy parks and dog friendly places around Syracuse during the winter months.

*Side Note: Some dogs can’t get used to wearing booties and it affects their ability to walk, so test them out in your house first to see if dog booties are right for your furry friend.



  1. Self-warming bed

There’s nothing better than curling up in a nice, warm bed in the middle of winter, so if you want your dog to stay cozy all winter long, get them a self-warming bed. Warning: Your dog may never want to leave their new bed until the summer, and you may get jealous of how comfortable they are.


  1. Dog Sling

Keep your dog warm and happy all winter long with this reversible sling that makes it easier than ever for you to carry your pup around with you! Not only will they enjoy the adventure without having to set foot in salt and slush, you’ll have the added bonus of looking super cool. Note: This carrier is meant for pets up to about 13 pounds, so attempting to carry any dogs over that weight may break the sling — or you!

There’s no better mode of puppy travel than a sling! Photo from:


  1. Dog Blanket Coat

This product doubles as a blanket AND a coat! Enough said. It’s lined with fleece, has a reversible waterproof shell, and is made of 100 percent polyester, so your pup will be as comfortable as can be. Sizes run from XXS through XXL, and the coats come in a variety of colors! 


  1. Snuggies for Dogs

Do you praise the blanket gods every day for your snuggie? Have you always wanted to be matching with your dog? Well now’s your chance! Go out and get your pup the highest in doggy fashion: a snuggie.


  1. Dog pajamas

Besides being cute and comfortable, doggy PJs will keep your dog nice and warm through the cold winter. They might like them so much they may even want to keep them on in the spring, too! As an added bonus, these thermal pajamas are affordable and machine washable.


  1. Dog Sweater

What’s cuter than a dog in a sweater? Nothing. If you want your pup to be the most fashionable dog on the block, get them a doggy sweater from Petco. If you really want a fashion forward dog that doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard, don’t just get a normal dog sweater — go for the best in casual dog looks and get them a hoodie they’ll be proud to show off at the park.


For a stylish and warm fashion choice for your dog, look no further than dog sweaters! Photo from:



  1. Ice melting salt that is safe for your dog

We all know that the rock salt that is used to plow our streets in the winter can be really bad for our dogs, but what if there were a way for us to melt unsafe ice and keep our dogs happy and healthy? Lucky for us, there is! If you have something you need to clear using salt, get safe paw. This ice melting salt is safe for pets, kids and the environment, and also makes surfaces less slippery!

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