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3 Reasons Why Asia Food Market is One of CNY’s Best Food Stores

3 Reasons Why Asia Food Market is One of CNY’s Best Food Stores

Asia Food Market, located on Erie Boulevard, is hands down one of CNY’s best food stores. The specialty grocery carries every Asian food you can imagine, from classic dim sum to an entire aisle dedicated to international ramen. Want the freshest fish around? They’re still swimming in tanks at Asia Food Market.

Syracuse boasts a wide range of international markets, but what sets apart Asia Food Market?

1. Unique products

Asia Food Market is huge. With 25,000 square feet, the store is twice the size of Trader Joe’s. It’s also one of the only places in Syracuse where you can find authentic products like Chinese watermelon, chicken feet, dim sum, and a wide array of Asian vegetables. Products line the aisles representing countries across Asia like China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. 


Wide selection of asian noodles (Photo courtesy of Xuan Jin)

2. Live fish and fresh seafood

Fish is frozen or pre-packaged at most grocery stores. Not at Asia Food Market. Your dinner is still swimming in the tanks. Live crabs, crawfish, clams and lobsters are also  some of the fresh delicacies found swimming in Asia Food Market’s tanks. 


Tanks full of live fish (Photo courtesy of Naixin Kang)

3. Dine-in restaurant

Beyond the exotic fish, sauces, vegetables and noodles, Asia Food Market also includes a dine-in restaurant and bakery. Customers can treat themselves to authentic delicacies. It’s easy to be tempted by take out containers of spicy chicken feet and wings or hanging roasted whole duck in a heated case.

The brightly-lit bakery sells delicate Asian desserts including taro puff, sesame balls and Chinese swiss roll. Even a Hello Kitty themed cake can be found among the more traditional desserts.

dim sum

Dine-in restaurant (Photo courtesy of Dingyue Zhang)

What’s Next?

In future, there are plans to transform the second floor of the building into a full service restaurant. Plans are also in the works for a sushi bar.

The quality products, diverse selection and new services only increase Asia Food Market’s reputation as one of CNY’s best international food stores. 

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