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5 cheap restaurants with authentic international food

5 cheap restaurants with authentic international food

Eating out in Syracuse can be an expensive and even luxurious event for international students. Getting tired of dining halls and unhealthy snacks? No worries! We found the top 5 cheapest restaurants with highly-rated dishes in Syracuse.

With a wide range of various cuisines spanning across Asian, Italian and American, we ensure that you can get them quickly and effortlessly so that your last-minute library sessions are undisturbed by the challenges of cooking and student budget breaking food hunts! Come and find your favorites!


American: The Brine Well Eatery

Address: 128 E Jefferson St (support delivery & pick-up!)

Price: $7~12

If you are a local old-school American food-lover, this one is a must-have! The nature of authentic american cuisine is synonymous with juicy red meats, coated in thick cheese sauces, dripping with buttery sweetness. The cost of such food however is a dangerously high cholesterol, but Brine Well Eatery presents a healthy alternative that makes you feel that heavenly food coma without the added pounds. With the abundance of vegetarian options and gluten-free dishes, you would never guess that their juicy hot dogs, chili and burgers provide a meat free alternative. Classically American, the portion sizes here could feed an army, or one hungry belly brave enough to take on the challenge of finishing one plate. So pop down to the Brine Well Eatery to get a taste of the good ole’ red white and blue.

Most popular: Buffalo Plate

Best views: Went back and loved every bit of it–and portions were bigger and more adequate than last time so maybe they’ve adjusted. All the items have great flavor. I got the buffalo plate (sub fries for mac n cheese, because gluten free diet). The GLUTEN FREE chicken tenders are bomb and were cooked perfectly. The fries are super tasty.

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Korean: Gangnam Style Korean Kitchen

Address: 115 Harvard Pl

Price: $12~15

Unlike restaurants that try to include all Asian styles, Gangnam Style is undoubtedly an expert on Korean cuisine. From chefs with over 20 years of experience on Korean dishes, the restaurant’s menu includes nearly 50 exquisite menu items, among which the most popular “Bibimbap” is a favorite of diners from all over the city. In addition, Gangnam Style is also known for its considerate and high-quality service. Even though it is a small shop, Gangnam Style can still bring the most warm and thoughtful service to customers. If you’ve had your fill of fried chicken and chips, you should definitely try some of South Korea’s most authentic flavors, which are ideally served with beer and miso soup for comfort in winter.

Most popular: Beef Dolsot, Bibimbap, Tteok Bokki, Chicken Wings

Best review: The owner was a korean lady and right off the bat, you know she works so hard because she does everything herself when it comes to cooking. She puts here heart and soul in cooking for people and I highly respect it. The prices are very affordable.



**Gender-neutral bathroom past a storage area in the back

**Parking’s easy in their own shared lot.

**Their sign’s super faded.

Chinese: Bamboo House Asian Restaurant

Address: 252 W Genesee St (support delivery & pick-up!)

Price: $7~12

Compared with expensive exquisite meals, Bamboo House is more interested in providing convenient and delicious street snacks, coupled with an efficient and fast take-away service making it the best choice for those of you ambling towards the lazy side! With plentiful portions and affordable pricing, Bamboo will be the best choice for you in your rare and free time from studying (or so we hope…) or at a party for some delicious side snacks. Each meal is served with a special hot sauce making these dishes unique to the pallete. We highly recommend Bamboo as the fastest way to get food to your house, even if it’s late at night!

Most popular: Shrimp Fried Rice, Chicken with String Brean, Roast Pork Yaki Udon

Best views: The best Chinese food in Syracuse! Plus the staff is ALWAYS friendly and courteous. Their sesame chicken is unmatched in this area, each piece of chicken is pure white meat, nothing strange or questionable (unlike other restaurant’s sesame chicken) and it tastes amazing! Plus they deliver and are available on GrubHub, need I say more?

Irish: Kitty Hoynes

Address: 301 W Fayette St

Price: $12~18

In the mind of the hedonist, the restaurant is not only a place to fill the stomach, but also a wonderful combination of atmosphere, social contact and worldly wisdom. If you happen to be one of them, this Irish pub is definitely your first choice. As a restaurant with a history of nearly 20 years, Kitty has served more than 100,000 diners up to now, resulting in a perfect service shrouded by homely warmth, tradition, and comfort. Reflected in their food, Kitty takes a modern twist on classic Irish cuisine, combining its eclectic taste with new and exquisite flavors. To compliment your meal, nightly live Irish music presents the perfect atmosphere of sentiment and joy ideal for friends and family gatherings.

Most popular: Irish Cannonballs, Hoynes Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie

Best views: I was pleasantly surprised with this place. The restaurant itself seems to be in a really old building which is always cool. The menu has a lot of good Irish staples, of course Shepherd’s pie. There were a few sandwiches and large plates as well. I went with a Reuben. My sandwich was loaded with meat! The flavor was really good. I was definitely pleased with the food. (Tianna C.)

Italian: Apizza Regionale

Address: 301 W Fayette St

Price: $13~19

If you are familiar with Italian Restaurants, then you must know of Apizza Regionale. While their best sellers are world renowned, their niche menu items should not be overlooked. With a remarkably high 85 health score on HDScores, Apizza Regionale is known for its unique but exquisite flavors combined from the best selected and distinctive yet complimentary ingredients. Organically sourced from from local suppliers, their dough is made with stone-ground wheat from Trumansburg, fermented up to 48 hours for strength of flavor. Besides pizzas and Italian dishes, Apizza Regionale also presents an abundant drinks menu; red and white wines and a variety of beers to compliment those distinctly delicious Italian flavors. If wine or beer is no your preference, Apizza Regionale has entertaining and creative bartenders, who cater cocktails to your preferences serving you an exclusive restaurant experience.

Online menu please see:

Most popular: Chicken Cacciatore, Meatballs Pie, Patata

Best views: What a fine pizza. As good as it gets. High heat wood oven perfection. The dough was light and taste / texture DELICIOUS. They have a nice assortment of toppings, and a solid wine selection to accompany. Somebody spent a long time getting this right. Prices are fair for the quality too. If you enjoy real wood oven pizza…. give this a try. Addictive! (Edward S.)

As winter approaches, cooking at home is becoming a tough task that requires much willpower… Cooking yourself is a frugal option, but we all have those lazy days when you simply want to choose a quiet restaurant, watching the noisy crowd and traffic outside the window, and blissfully enjoy a delightful meal in the warm air surrounded by the aroma of good food…Just today, have a try!

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