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5 Places to Enjoy Nature in CNY

5 Places to Enjoy Nature in CNY

Central New York is famous for its awe-inspiring landscape– especially in the Fall. Poets have been writing about the wonders of the natural world for centuries, and what better way to bond with Emerson or Thoreau than by immersing yourself in nature? Here are the top 5 places to enjoy nature that you should be sure to kick off your bucket list.


Enjoy the serenity at Skaneateles Lake

 1. Village of Skaneateles

Hard to pronounce and impossible to spell, but very easy to enjoy.  The name of this small town translates to “long lake” in Iroquois. Its clear blue water makes it the perfect spot for a chill out with friends or a romantic weekend getaway. Skaneateles has a lot to offer, including boutique shopping, music and water sports, so there’s no shortage of things to do in addition to enjoying the sights of its changing autumn colors and breathtaking sunsets.


Discover many wonders of Green Lakes State Park

2. Green Lakes State Park

Is it green? Is it blue? Or is it emerald? In fact, you’ll see all of those colors as you stroll around the water at Green Lakes State Park. A walk around the lake takes no more than an hour, but you could make it a full-day activity if you stop to capture the enchanting scenery with your camera. There’s a lot to enjoy no matter what season you visit: you can take a dip in the lake during the summer, or enjoy the cool breeze during fall. There’s no better place to escape your stresses than by staring into the blues…wait….greens.. well blue water and green trees!


Listen to the down stream of water at Chittenango falls

3. Chittenango Falls State Park

A big fall with a little walk– and a handful of unbelievable sights.  Less than five minutes from the parking area of the State Park, you can observe the charm of a 167-foot picturesque waterfall with plenty of places for photo opps. If you need proof that nature can literally wash your stress away, just pay a visit to this beautiful spot right outside of Cazenovia, NY.


One of a kind natural scenery at Watkins Glen

4. Watkins Glen State Park

Searching for a gorgeous park? Look no further than Watkins Glen, where you can view 19 waterfalls within a two-mile walk. A great place to hike, this park is also a favorite for photographers to build their portfolio, as there’s no shortage of enchanting views. If you have knee problems, keep in mind that this park has plenty of stairs to reach the peaks of its heights, but even without making the two-mile trek you can enjoy the scenery. Take your time and make frequent stops, because every spot has something new to discover.


Enjoy the sea, sand and sun at Verona Beach State Park

5. Verona Beach State Park

You wouldn’t think that you can experience a the salty air of a beach in Central New York, but this wouldn’t be the first time you hear surprising things about this wonderful region. Verona Beach State Park is the perfect place to pack a picnic and spend the weekend wrapped in a warm sleeping bag for a camping trip. Come grill some barbecue and enjoy a splash in the Oneida Lake, all while dipping your toes in the sandy beach.

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