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6 Best Places to go on a First Date in Syracuse

6 Best Places to go on a First Date in Syracuse

The best first dates are more than the typical dinner and movie kind of date—the most memorable are more adventurous, or places with an atmosphere that inspires long conversation. This is our list of places where you can have a memorable first date in Central New York.

Date number one is the most important one and people know it. You get very anxious about where to go, what to do, what to talk about… sometimes it’s a make-it-or-break-it evening/day.

Greater risk brings greater reward: the more you are able to wow your potential partner on a first date, the stronger your bond will be. Be spontaneous and try these 6 best places to go on a first Date in Syracuse that will make your date accept a second one and get to know Syracuse in a whole different way!


  1. Lemon Grass

238 W Jefferson St, Syracuse, NY 13202

two dishes with different colorful desserts

Need to break the ice on the first-date? Let’s start with a glass (or two) of wine at Lemon Grass and FYI,  their wine list has won various international awards! Either dining inside while enjoying colorful artwork on the wall or sit on sidewalk tables outside during a summer night and listen to jazz music, you won’t want to miss the great chance to impress your date. Start with the coconut shrimp appetizer (which people say shrimps are aphrodisiac) and feel the flavor melting inside your tongue. As well, you need to try the authentic Thai curry with your own preference of meat, which is delicious. Lastly, an artful and innovative dessert -like the ones you see in the picture- perfectly serve the night and make the date even sweeter. A memorable dining experience is always the top choice for a first date, and hey, if it’s a bad date, at least you tasted amazing and well-prepared Thai food!


  1. Recess Coffee Shop

110 Harvard Pl, Syracuse, NY 13210

Outside facade of Recess Coffee Shop

First of all… who doesn’t like a fresh cup of coffee and a heavenly dessert? Aside from that, a date to a coffee shop is perfect in many ways. First of all, you are sitting in a small table with nothing but two beverages between you, so what else is there besides chatting? It is the perfect spot to get to know your partner and talk about life (If you don’t know what to talk about, here are some questions you can ask that will make the conversation unique). Second, there is no need to dress up. You can just head over to Recess after school or work and grab a coffee with this potential match. On the other side, this truly unique place has amazing sandwiches, wraps, bagels and desserts as well as very special beverages like Yerba Mate -an Argentinian tea- that you can try and share it together. If that isn’t enough, you should know that Recess was recently highlighted as one of’s 24 Coffee Shops in America You Have to Visit.


  1. Skaneateles

46 E Genesee St, Skaneateles, NY 13152

Skaneateles' state park lake. Two people walking down the boardwalk.

This historic downtown could be a start of your very own fairy tale! On the bank of lake Skaneateles, the village of  Ski-ni-uh-t-les offers a perfect day trip for the ones who love pristine blue water, outrageously scenic boardwalk and an enchanting community with family restaurants and wineries. There is plenty to do till you get back to the boardwalk at night to get hit by cupid, like eating at Doug’s Fish Fry, which is just the right place for seafood loving couple to experience the local’s favorite restaurant, serving fried shrimps and fish with 6 sauces to dip in. Moreover, you can bounce to its very own ice cream shop next door to get the right fresh flavor for your sweetheart. And… how about a glass of wine overlooking the pristine lake while mixing it with some crackers? Anyela’s Vineyards brings the most exclusive experience of wine tasting.

The best way to end your first date with a sparkle would be dinner on a cruise with -off course- more wine and flowers on your table. The romantic package presented by Mid Lakes Navigation offers a perfect waterfront dining. Truly, Skaneateles has to be the first chapter in the ‘’Dating 101’’ class.


  1. Revolutions Bowling-Bar-Grille

9090 Destiny USA Dr, Syracuse, NY 13204

Women playing bowling

How do you want your first date to be? Boring or Bowling ?

The best thing about bowling is that it is fun even if you absolutely suck at it. Nice lighting, amazing food, and beer, makes it way more appealing. Without a doubt, if your date does not like beer, it would be a gutter ball.

Bowling is not just about fun, but it certainly gives you an insight on your date’s personality on whether they are overly competitive or sore losers. This is an important aspect to know about your date. All in all, Revolutions Bowling in Syracuse offers great bowling services and a fun environment.


  1. Chimney Bluffs State Park

7700 Garner Rd, Wolcott, NY 14590

Girl acting as pushing her date in the sky with the Chimney bluff's lake on the back of the picture Scenery picture of Chimney Bluffs with lake on the back and sandy mountain in front

Taking a nature walk and losing yourself in a well-wooded park is an excellent idea for adventurous-type of love birds. Pick a low-level hike, talk, laugh and breathe the fresh air that is given by nature. Chimney Bluffs features the beautiful landscape on the lake Ontario shore and incredible views of beach trail. Pack some food and have a little picnic next to the beach or on the greens, which can be the best way to show your date that being active and enjoying nature are essential to your life. Bring your date on a hike to Chimney Bluffs, and create a memorable experience to find a connection between each other. If you feel the flames during the date and you are looking forward to make a move then, don’t think it twice and go ahead! And… If your guy is not being nice, you can easily knock him down on the first date.


  1. Midway Drive-in Theatre

2475 NY-48, Minetto, NY 13069

Midwaydrive-in theatre's billboard featuring 3 movies: War dogs, Sausage party and Swiss army man

Imagine going on a date in a public place but still have private space? Nothing beats a Drive-in Theatre as the first date. Great atmosphere, comfortable chairs, adjustable temperature and casually chatting with your date makes a wonderful date experience. Midway Drive-in Theatre is voted as one of the 5 best drive-in theatre in the USA. It opens on Fridays and weekends, snacks are available to purchase but you can also bring your own wine and desserts which will make the date even sweeter. During intermission time, they even draw a ticket stub to win a large pizza with your favorite choices of toppings. How sweet and unexpected! Mark it down on your “Dating 101” plan and get ready for a fascinating date!


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