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A Caffeine Fiend

A Caffeine Fiend

The longest Claire Dunderman has ever gone without a cup of coffee was nearly three weeks.

But since this Syracuse University undergrad returned to campus, her daily coffee intake ritual has revived with the help of a local caffeine stop.

Mello Velo, located in the Westcott neighborhood of Syrcause, offers a quirky combination of a quaint coffee shop and rustic bicycle repair center only two blocks from Claire’s home. As fall approaches, caffeine fiend Claire starts many of her days with her favorite drink of the fall, a warm pumpkin latte.

A Caffeine Fiend1

Claire first discovered Mello Velo two years ago as a sophomore when working on an assignment for the Daily Orange newspaper. Intrigued by the store’s set up, the caffeine fiend said, “I like this place and I am going to spend some of my free time here.”

Mello Velo sits on Westcott Street in Syracuse. The shop opened in 2009, and the owner’s purpose statement says they “simply wanted to create the best independent, locally owned bike shop.”

In doing so, Mello Velo created a unique atmosphere that directly appeals to coffee lovers like Claire.

“I come here because it is different, it just feels eclectic and fun. I really liked bike riding growing up with friends and family and Melo Velo is a cool combination of two of my loves: coffee and biking,” she said.

For Claire, the draw to Mello Velo extends from her love of coffee and bikes. Claire said independent coffee shops have a lot to offer to the local community.A Caffeine Fiend2

“I feel like coffee shops really represents the local community with people coming and going I think it is a great hub for people to figure out what is going on.”

Walking through the shop visitors see a variety of postings about ongoing local events involving concerts, charity runs and even biking races. But amidst the muddled wall postings customers can find a quiet place to sit and write.

“This is the best place as far as writing goes. I always go to coffee shops, always. It’s just a wonderful vibe and writing is just about feeling and I think a lot of writers feel productive and happy here.”

With coffee, bicycles and a quiet space to work, Mello Velo shares with the community a range of goods, making it an unmistakable shop in the Westcott neighborhood.



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