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A Healthy LIFT through Meal Replacement

A Healthy LIFT through Meal Replacement

25- years- old Zach Schleien is a graduate student at Syracuse University and owner and founder of LIFT Protein Muffins. These microwavable muffins are a meal replacement product and come in flavors like banana chocolate, apple cinnamon and chocolate zucchini.

Being a student himself, Schleien understand the struggles of students and working professionals trying to juggle study, work and personal life.

“Food should not hold us back from our goals,” he said.

Schleien is a certified health coach who follows a strict paleo-diet routine since last three years. His mom is a yoga instructor and loves baking. He is a staunch supporter of paleo-diet, a low-carb and gluten free diet. Schleien who believes that paleo is a lifestyle, wanted to bake meal-replacement paleo muffins with added protein in it, without compromising the taste.

“I believe what you eat should be enjoyable,” he said.

Brian Weinreich, who is a busy IT professional, likes to eat LIFT Protein Muffins after gym. He said that he used to take chocolate milk and protein bars after his exercise but he found these protein muffins a much better option for his protein needs.

“Even though it’s not a giant meal, it still fills you up and they taste great,” he said, “Banana Chocolate is my favorite flavor,” he added.

Protein enriched LIFT Protein Muffins

Protein enriched LIFT Protein Muffins

Schleien said that it was his mother who taught him cooking while he was growing up. He said that last year in August he and his mom had a conversation in their kitchen. They wanted to bake something that is not only nutritional and healthy but would also taste good.

“These muffins are a mix of my love for entrepreneurship and my love for health nutrition,” he said.

He said that they did hundreds of hours of baking and scientific research to create a recipe which is nutritional equivalent of a meal.

“We baked 13 iterations of banana chocolate muffins – the first flavor we tried,” he said.

Schleien said that they made sure to preserve the taste of the muffins. “We shouldn’t jeopardize the taste of food,” he said.

Schleien said that they are using very simple and all natural ingredients like coconut flour, fruits, eggs, whey protein, coconut milk etc. The sweetness comes from honey and natural flavor of fruits – there is no added sugar in the meal replacement muffins.

“There are no secret unfamiliar ingredients in our muffins,” he said.

He said that customers of meal replacement muffins are people who care about their health but have very busy schedules. “We’re so busy and we don’t have enough time to cook a meal.”

The meal replacement muffins are protein enriched. For example, the apple cinnamon is 90% protein, which has a nutritionally equivalent to one complete meal. The muffins could save your time to cook a meal and at the same time provide sufficient protein that you need for a day.

Schleien said they just used the kickstarter platform to launch their products and now they have orders from all over U.S. He said that currently they are renting a commercial kitchen in Rochester for baking the muffins. He said that it’s still him and his mom handling all the work by themselves.

“We can bake 500 muffins a day,” he said.

Instead of shakes and bars, LIFT protein muffins could provide you more options for meal replacement. Check more information or buy a protein muffin at their website at

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