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Pho and Ramen Near Campus

Pho and Ramen Near Campus

Find savory pho and ramen, right in the heart of Syracuse

There’s nothing more comforting than enjoying a hot bowl of soup on a chilly night. It’s that time of year again in Syracuse – the temperature drops, leaves are rustling in the streets and the days are shorter. Syracuse has many delicious Asian soup options like pho and ramen that are near campus, with eateries like New Century Vietnamese Cuisine and Kasai Ramen. In addition to their delicious menus, both restaurants are near SU campus.

Where to Get Your Pho Fix

New Century is considered a hole in the wall eatery (but those are often the best, right?) in Syracuse, and it’s got many fans. The food is authentic and savory, and the prices can’t be beat. Many appetizers at New Century are under four dollars, like shrimp rolls, pork rolls, Vietnamese egg rolls among others. 

New Century’s pho is supremely savory. A piping hot, brothy Vietnamese soup, pho has been around since the early 20th century and quickly became a beloved national dish, according to this NPR article. At New Century, you have a number of different choices when it comes to the type of pho you want. All contain different cuts of beef, which creates the dish’s classic flavor. Once you’re served your very large bowl of pho, you’re given a heaping side plate full of garnishes like lime wedges, Thai basil and bean sprouts to put in the steaming hot broth. This makes for a delicious and comforting meal at a great price – the pho at New Century is $8.95. The serving size is so large that you can easily take home your leftovers as another meal. 

New Century doesn’t just offer pho, they have plenty of other authentic items on the menu. Other options include a variety of different noodle and rice dishes, spicy meat and fish meals along with stir fry dishes. And don’t forget dessert–you can choose from ginkgo nuts and taro mousse or sweet rice with durian in coconut cream. 

Ramen Bowls Galore

Kasai Ramen was added to Armory Square’s wealth of restaurants earlier this year, providing diners with a delicious dining experience. The restaurant is a unique space, with exposed brick walls complete with red lighting and a picturesque spiral staircase give the interior a distinct downtown feel. Thankfully, the food is just as good as intriguing as Kasai’s interior. 

Unsurprisingly, ramen is a popular, if not the most popular, food item on the restaurant’s menu. Kasai strives to combine authentic ramen with their own twist, and they do it well. There are six different flavorful ramen bowls to choose from, each with different meats along with two vegetarian options. The broth is both buttery, smooth and chock-full of robust flavors. Most of the ramen bowls come with garnishes like enoki mushrooms, bok choy, a six-minute egg among other tasty toppings. These garnishes add delicious outside flavors and create a pleasing array of textures.

Kasai doesn’t just serve ramen. The menu includes steam buns filled with your choice of pork, shrimp and mushrooms, making for a great appetizer. Aside from the buns, the restaurant also has exciting starters like their Kasai chicken sandwich, octopus bombs and seared scallops, just to name a few. 

Don’t worry, the menu hasn’t ended yet! Kasai also has an impressive surf and turf section. You can experience stuffed whole squid, whole duck or fried whole chicken. Each of these comes with an array of savory garnishes to enhance the flavors of the meat. 

It’s Soup Time

Syracuse has got you covered when you’re looking for something delicious to warm up with on these upcoming frosty nights. Check out both places near campus to experience a new dining experience that’s full of flavor! You can view their full menus here: New Century Vietnamese Cuisine & Kasai Ramen.

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