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Author: Aline Martins

Things We Wish Our American Classmates Knew About Us

They come from far away, and stay for too short a time. International students are an important and growing part of the CNY college community, and they sometimes struggle to make friends in their host country. We sat down with five international exchange students from all across the world to learn about their experiences at Syracuse University, what they call a “typical American college.” With less than a month left of their studies they all reflected on their time and shared their impressions with us—the good, the bad, and the ugly. So who did we talk to? Josefina Munoz,...

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Throwdown: Best Chinese Food in Syracuse

Who has the best Chinese food in Syracuse? We went on an intercultural gastronomic trip with two students from China to figure it out. This throwdown features Tang Flavor up against 21 Cafe. We are back in our series: Throwdowns in the heart of New York. The rules are as usual; the compared restaurants changed but in the end the result is yours. In the last article we experienced the Italian flavor into CNY, now we are going a little bit further East of our World: China. Find the Chinese version of this article here. The contenders: Modern Downtown...

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