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Author: Ipsitaa Panigrahi

Stories that Matter: The SU Human Rights Film Festival

Who owns your memories? That was one of the easier questions facing Rithy Panh, a film maker who wanted to tell a true family’s story. The problem was, Panh grew up in Cambodia where the Khmer Rouge did not allow any film or photography that didn’t glorify the totalitarian regime. As a result, there was only one offical story about Campodia from 1975 to 1979. Panh’s quest was to  and take back his memories, and to counteract the Khmer Rouge propaganda that threatened the fundamental human right to childhood memories. His film, The Missing Picture, is the record of his quest for the images of his...

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Winter Is Coming

In Washington DC, an inch of snow shuts down the city. Syracuse gets a hundred times that and never misses a beat. LivableCNY celebrates the people who keep our cities and towns open for business no matter what the weather.

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This site celebrates the people places, and culture that make Central New York one of the most vibrant and livable regions in the country. From Auburn to Utica, from Syracuse, to Ithaca, this is LivableCNY.

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