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Author: Jake Cappuccino

Central New York: What does ‘Livable’ Mean?

Oprah recently visited Syracuse. Like most of all Oprah’s visits, it wasn’t on a whim. She came to dedicate the re-designed Newhouse II at Syracuse University. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Ribbon was cut, speeches were made and Oprah went back to the airport. We thought. Oprah actually had other plans. After she left the Hill, she drove to Mary Nelson’s community center on the south side of Syracuse. Nelson had previously arranged the visit with Oprah’s team. She gave Oprah a short tour and told her about plans for basketball courts. Oprah guessed that Nelson’s plans...

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Café Kubal extends coffee and community downtown

At 7 AM, the C in CNY stands for one thing: caffeine. Nothing unites the region—the stressed students, the early-rising farmers, the 24-hour party people—like the daily ritual of coffee. To hear the author Steven Johnson tell it, coffee is responsible for the great intellectual leap forward of Enlightenment-age Europe. Closer to home, coffee is the essential fuel that moves Central New York from tough mornings through long afternoons, and into late-night conversations. In celebration of that, LivableCNY is presenting a special series on the best coffee shops and roasters in the region. This isn’t about Starbucks or Tim Hortons—it’s about...

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This site celebrates the people places, and culture that make Central New York one of the most vibrant and livable regions in the country. From Auburn to Utica, from Syracuse, to Ithaca, this is LivableCNY.

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