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Interested in the music industry? Check out SU’s Bandier Lecture Series

Interested in the music industry? Check out SU’s Bandier Lecture Series

Do you like music? Are you interested in meeting people in the music industry?

One of the perks of living in a college town is that business executives and brands are always coming through the city.

Bob Weir attends Bandier Music Lecture Series in November.

The Bandier Music Program at Newhouse

This Syracuse University program draws in students pursuing a career in music and entertainment industries. Each year, the school selects 25 to 30 students for this class. What sets Bandier apart from other educational programs is its close ties with alumni and music executives, producers and managers. These connections come to SU and speak at a music lecture series each week.

“These people are the visions in the field,” teaching assistant Jo Allen said. “The Bandier program is small, so it really caters to students and give them what they need.”

Bob Weir and Don Was give students an inside look of the music industry at the lecture.

The influencers

Some of the influential people that spoke at the lecture series this semester include Khalid’s manager, Ariana Grande’s song producer and Grateful Dead founder Bob Weir.

Graduate student Lindsey Chiles attends the lecture every Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. The Public Relations major learned about the speaker series in September after expressing interest in the music marketing field. Chiles contacted Bill Werde, director of the Bandier Program, and he recommended she take the course.

Werde previously worked as the editorial director at Billboard, and now serves as a Bandier program professor.

“First day of class, right off the bat, I had the chance to meet a representative from Republic Records,” Chiles said. “This class focuses on networking and learning from people who are doing what I want to do in a year.”

The Bandier music lecture series also welcomes students, faculty members, and people who aren’t enrolled in the course to attend. That way, anyone can get an inside scoop on how it really works in the music and entertainment industries.

For more information about the lecture, check out updates on The NewsHouse.

For more information about the course, contact Bill Werde , Director, Bandier Program


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