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CNY’s Best Companies: Immediate Mailing Services, Inc.

CNY’s Best Companies: Immediate Mailing Services, Inc.

When Immediate Mailing Services, Inc. was created in 1986, they offered postal services to businesses in Central New York out of a single vehicle and a 10 x 10 sq. foot office. They were small, but what they lacked in size they made up for with a clear vision of what they wanted their organization to become. Due to these goals, they’re now considered one of the best companies to work for in Central New York.

A lot has changed in the past three decades — IMS, Inc. now boasts over 250 employees and services clients across the United States and Canada. They’ve grown from pioneers of the presort mailing industry to leaders on the multi-channel communications front. They provide services to multiple Fortune 500 companies and industries within several specific vertical market segments.

These vertical markets are ones you likely frequent. They include your bank, Credit Union, healthcare provider, and insurance agencies. They’re also partners in helping companies and collectors with the management of accounts receivable.

“We’ve become a multi-channel communications company servicing various organizations throughout the country and in Canada, on all different platforms. We connect them with e-services, digital printing, mailing and postal services, direct marketing, and more,” said company President and Chief Operations Officer John D. Mashia Jr.

While IMS, Inc. takes pride in being flexible and creative while consulting and creating communications services for their clients, the same flexible, yet result-driven attitude also plays a major role in their ability to attract and retain talented employees searching for the best companies to work for in Central New York.

Knowing What Matters: Work-Life Balance and Inclusion

The company’s workload is based on their role providing services for numerous clients across North America and in a wide variety of fields. This can mean adapting to schedules that work around their clients’ time, or during a time-crunch, which tends to be challenging and can include overtime. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

“They do put in time after-hours. So if their schedule allows, we’d certainly allow them to take some flex-time. If it’s a beautiful summer day and they want to take time to get out of the office and enjoy it while still getting their work done, they can—you know, there’s a balance,” Mashia explained.

IMS, Inc. also takes an important stance on the employment of disabled individuals, and has for nearly a decade. 26 of their employees are disabled, which Mashia believes is an important opportunity to continue providing. Knowing that it can be difficult to find steady work if disabled, IMS, Inc. has a partnership with New York State Industries for the Disabled, which helps connect potential disabled employees with the company.

In addition to promoting positive relationships internally amongst employees, those of whom Mashia describes as a family, and organizing events like employee dinners and company picnics, IMS, Inc. also encourages its employees to better their work relationships and boost their morale by taking part in volunteer events.

On September 17, 13 IMS, Inc. employees volunteered and cleaned up the grounds of the University Hospital Community Campus as part of NYSID’s statewide day of volunteering to symbolize the need to help disabled individuals find work.

“Even if someone has a potential disability, they can still do the job, they can contribute and raise awareness. You know, people really are giving back to that cause and are thinking about it. That, in essence, pushed us to continue to partner and raise awareness for individuals with disabilities and by taking place in this event, we did that a couple weeks ago,” Mashia said.

How One of the Best Companies to Work for in Central New York Plans to Become The Best Company to Work For

In addition to flexibility and diversity, IMS, Inc. also attempts to foster growth in both their business and their employees.

Mashia said they planned to continue their ever-strong original services of digital printing and mailing services—from printing invoices, statements and transactional documents, to bound printed matter, media mail, international mail delivery and more. Even with nearly three decades solely in the printing business, they’ve still grown with the demand of their clients, offering data processing, direct marketing, e-mail marketing, analytics and tracking, and creative design services, among others.

“So we’re doing it on the electronic format, but also still the paper format. In order to be successful, you have to hit both. We have the payment component as well, so there’s a portal to pay online, whatever it might be.”

And they have to take care of their people. The executives of IMS, Inc. know that their workplace culture and the active support of their employees is what makes the growth of their business ventures possible.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to apply to work at one of the best companies to work for in Central New York then the managers at IMS want to talk to you. Here’s what they’re looking for in order to continue their legacy of growth:

“We’re looking for people that want to grow and have drive and want to be able to advance in their careers with their organization where they might start in one position, but want to continue to evolve. So we’re always looking for talented individuals at all levels that are looking to grow and contribute to our organization’s success,” Mashia said.

“Our organization, one of the special things about it, is that the tenure of our employees is second to none. We have people that have been with us for 20-plus years throughout all of our facilities.”

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