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Biscotti Cafe: Fresh Ingredients & Great Pastries

Biscotti Cafe: Fresh Ingredients & Great Pastries

You can now have your cake and mousse too. If you make your way to down N. Salina Street, past all the Italian restaurants, you’ll find an Italian bakery, Biscotti Café. Step inside and your eyes will greet the sight of a case filled with every dieter’s vice.

Geoff and Deborah Camire founded Biscotti Café, an Italian bakery, in 1998. Featuring a wide variety of pastries, cakes, and gelato, Biscotti Café is known for their wedding and specialty cakes.

“Every cake that comes out of our cake room, as we call it is a work of art,” night manager, Taylor Kisselstein said. “Someone will bring in a picture and we will create that for them. Our daily work and having them taste it is something we are proud of.”

You don’t need to wait until you’re in the market for a special order to partake in what Biscotti Café has to offer. Many people from the neighboring businesses and the various hospitals stop by on their lunch break to taste the delectable treats and sandwiches that fill the cases.

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Photo by Lauren Williams

“Listen to our café music, maybe enjoy a pastry or a slice of cake,” Kisselstein said. “We have sandwiches and coffee and so many things to choose from. They’re always here. They’re always raving about their favorite cake and how they may try something new. ”

Bakers, employed at Biscotti for over 5 years, make all of their desserts from scratch with fresh ingredients included.

With so many choices available, one would think it’s hard to choose. One of the Café’s most popular desserts is their chocolate ganache cake or the Chocolate Mousse Cake.

“Another fresh ingredient we make is chocolate ganache,” Kisselstein said. “We make it in the mornings and we use it for frosting and the mousse. I think that’s special to us because it’s one of our best-sellers and everyone knows that chocolate cake is from here.”

Those who have dietary restrictions don’t need to worry about missing out. The restaurant has gluten free options as well as other products that meet their customer’s needs.

“We have a mousse puff that has no dairy or gluten in it,” Kisselstein said. “We also have a couple cookies that are actually made with almond instead of flour. We have French macaroons that are made with ground up almonds and we have an almond paste cookie.”

No matter what dessert you end up trying, you always know that you’re getting the freshest slice.


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