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Bubble Tea In The 315

Bubble Tea In The 315

Syracuse has variety of bubble tea spots; these three each have their own unique twist on this beloved drink.

Syracuse has a number of bubble tea options available for fans of this unique beverage. Here, you’ll find descriptions of three popular bubble tea in Syracuse: Roji Tea Lounge, Unique Tea House and Tous Les Jours. While all are Syracuse staples (with Tous Les Jours being the most recent), Roji Teahouse has my vote as the best bubble tea spot in Syracuse. The lounge’s ambiance as well as the quality of menu creates a unique dining experience. But don’t overlook the other two spots, they each offer delicious boba treats that you won’t want to miss out on. Want to learn more about this delicious drink? Check out this article.

 Roji Tea Lounge 

Roji Tea Lounge is located in the heart of downtown Syracuse, but step inside and you’ll immediately relax. With comfortable seating, the smells of various teas wafting through the air and an (always) great indie playlist playing in the background, Roji won’t let you down. They serve a large variety of bubble teas and loose leaf teas as well as delicious food items. Their loose leaf tea menu is extensive, with herbal teas, white teas, oolong teas and pur-eh teas, among others. What’s nice about this section of the menu indicates which country the loose leaf tea derives from. 

The lounge offers a hefty amount of “buildable” bubble teas. By buildable, you can choose the base tea that you want, whether it be a tea base or a milk base. Tea bases range from black tea to thai tea among others. For the milk tea, base flavors range from fruity flavors like honeydew and melon to earthier flavors like taro and almond. 

Roji Tea Lounge is located on 108 East Washington Street

At Roji, they have a large variety of what can go at the bottom of your tea. You can opt for the classic tapioca boba or throw in sweet egg pudding (this has a custard consistency).

What to order: If the rose bubble tea is available try that ASAP. For a second option, go with the honeydew bubble tea and toss in the egg pudding for a textural delight. 

Tous Les Jours 

Located on Erie Blvd, Tous Les Jours is a bakery chain with locations throughout the country. The cozy interior of the bakery adds to its charm, with ample seating. Upon walking in, you’re greeted with display cases of delicious bakery items, both sweet and savory. In front of the shop you can see the array of decadent cakes offered, all varying in flavor. 

Stop by to check out their menu of delicious bubble teas that come in classic flavors like taro, milk tea and honeydew, among others like avocado and strawberry. You can get your bubble tea in regular form, or as a slushie. While bubble tea is often thought of as being served iced, Tous Les Jours will serve bubble tea hot, which is perfect for the chilly Syracuse winter. 

Tous Les Jours is on 2743 Erie Boulevard

Aside from bubble tea, Tous Les Jours has a number of other beverage options. Their extensive coffee and hot tea menu is something to dabble in if you’re not in the mood for boba. Not a coffee fan? Not a problem. Try one of the other beverage options like the green grape and kiwi fruit juice, a lemon yuzu ade or a peach mango jelly smoothie. The bakery also has massive shaved ice dishes that come in flavors like green tea and mango. 

What to order: Try the iced taro bubble tea. If you’re really craving something sweet, go for the mango shaved ice too. 

Unique Tea House

It’s safe to say that Unique Tea House is beloved among SU students. Nestled above J Michael Shoes on Marshall Street, the tea house is in the heart of the campus. While it’s sometimes hard to find due to its low-key signage, look for the glowing “tattoo” sign and you’ve found it–the tea house is neighbors with Halo Tattoo. Once inside, the tea house has lots of seating options with plenty of booths, making the tea house a wonderful place to study. 

Unique Tea House is on 171 Marshall Street

To say that this place has an extensive menu of tea, both bubble and otherwise, is an understatement. From creamy bubble tea flavors like banana and papaya, to others like almond, coconut and sesame black milk teas, there’s something for everyone. The menu also has fruity exotic juices like kiwi strawberry nectar and kumquat lime juice if you’re in the mood for something other than bubble tea. 

With the colder months upon us, take it upon yourself to explore the tea house’s winter tea menu. This offers options like red date tea, citron tea and Korean ginger tea, for example. If you don’t want tea at all, you can still find something refreshing to sip on. The tea house has non-alcoholic cocktails with catchy titles  like apple fantasy (lemon, honey, green apple flavors) and royal ruby (strawberry, lemon, honey flavors). 

What to order: To warm up, try the almond black tea with boba. Looking for something icy? Give the taro slushie with boba or banana bubble tea a shot. 

Hopefully, this mini-guide has you wanting to go and check out the bubble tea spots Syracuse has to offer. Try all three and see which one you like the most!

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