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C|Dreams : Making Syracuse Community Dreams Happen

C|Dreams : Making Syracuse Community Dreams Happen

While attending a prestigious university on a hill, it is easy for students to get wrapped up in their lives and forget about the surrounding community. Anthony Orendorff, hasn’t forgotten. The 23-year old Television, Radio & Film graduate student and his company, C | Dreams, have found a unique way to keep people thinking about Syracuse.

C | Dreams, which stands for “concrete dreams” began when Orendorff was just a teenager in California. The company recently donated all of its profits from the summer semester to purchase school supplies that Orendorff delivered to the Southwest Community Center in Syracuse.

After raising over $200 in profits, Orendorff used a wish list provided from the kids at Southwest Community Center and was able to take the kids school supplies on October 30th. The supplies were delivered just in time for some creative arts project the youth center has coming up for the holiday season.

Orendorff, of Reseda, California, knows how important it is for kids to have the necessary resources to succeed. He saw a need in the community, which inspired the C | Dreams school supply donating initiative.

“When I first came to Syracuse I had a misconception of the city, but if you actually talk to people here and walk around the south or west side, you’ll see there is a lot of poverty and a great need for educational resources in the city,” Orendorff said.

Instead of just donating to an organization, Orendorff decided that he would start a campaign on campus so he could see exactly where proceeds were going for himself.

“I wanted to push students to become more aware of the community. We love SU so much, so why don’t we help the community as well,” Orendorff said.

With hopes of spreading awareness to his fellow peers, Orendorff also created the City of ‘Cuse social media campaign to promote the line.

Orendorff plans on continuing to build relationships with local community youth centers and to plan future initiatives similar to C | Dreams’ school supply effort.

He plans to build a larger team of C | Dreams employees to spread awareness about community issues and to build the dreams of his employees.

Orendorff hopes on one day building a youth center of his own where kids can learn photography, film and other creative art.





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Chantel is an NYC native and current graduate student at Syracuse University. Her interests include writing, traveling and baking.


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