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CNY Serves as Backdrop and Inspiration for Jewelry Designer

CNY Serves as Backdrop and Inspiration for Jewelry Designer

Central New York provides more than a place of residence for Michelle DaRin, a jewelry designer and owner of Michelle DaRin Jewelry. CNY provides daily inspiration for the pieces she creates. Influenced by nature, color, and organic forms, DaRin is always inspired by her surroundings.

DaRin’s jewelry collection is made from a mixture of copper, silver, resin, bronze, feather, leathers, and colorful stones. All of the pieces are designed and made by the artist in her studio, which is an airstream trailer on her picturesque 7-acre property.

The jewelry designer says there’s an earthiness and a connection to nature in her work. People often mistake her pieces to be Native American jewelry. “There’s imagery with feathers and imagery with nature, that’s something I’ve always intuitively done,” DaRin said.

The artist also attributes clients to be influential. DaRin has developed close relationships with her customers. She often designs pieces with clients in mind. “I know when someone is going to love a piece I make and it usually ends up being the piece they are most drawn to,” she said.

DaRin, a New York City native, prefers to live and work in CNY because of its beauty and livability.

“I like it here, I prefer to be a big fish in a small pond. It’s easier to get around here. It’s livable. There’s a lot of people doing cool things- artistically, musically. I live on seven acres with a beautiful view. It’s gorgeous. I’ve got the reservoir outside my window. I can hear birds chirping when I’m working,” DaRin said.

Photo by Sydney Franklin

DaRin’s gravity towards being a big fish also comes through in her work. Although the designer creates some dainty jewelry, the majority of her collection is larger statement pieces. DaRin said she likes things that are powerful. Jokingly, she tells customers who wear her bold and free-spirited pieces to, “wear with caution.”

DaRin, who got her start in the Syracuse art community while studying metalsmithing at Syracuse University, launched her company 11 years ago. Since then, she has built a network of selling outlets, which include Industry in Armory Square, Heidi’s Boutique in Fayetteville, and LillieBean in Cazenovia.

In addition to these selling avenues, DaRin showed her work at the Fall 2014 Syracuse Style Fashion Show. She described  her collection by saying that it was “inspired by a woman deeply connected to her feminine essence, beauty, and softness. It is connected to mother nature.”

It was DaRin’s third time showing in the production. Because of her talent and the support of the Syracuse community,  it certainly won’t be her last.

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