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CNY’s Best Companies: SIDEARM Sports

CNY’s Best Companies: SIDEARM Sports

When you hear the word “sidearm,” pistol ranges, pop-up targets and a fast trigger fingers might to mind, but in Syracuse that company name is attached to one of the best companies to work for in Central New York. The SIDEARM in SIDEARM Sports is an acronym that stands for Sports Information Distribution with Archive Record Management.

It would take someone like a college professor to come up with such an acronym. As it turns out, Jeff Rubin, founder, president and CEO of the company, is a professor at Syracuse University’s iSchool.

A lifelong sports fan, Rubin combined his love of sports with his love of technology to form his company back in 1996. As luck would have it, Rubin’s first customer was Syracuse University. He and his small team worked after the last class to develop the innovative software to power the websites that would become the trademark feature of the company’s product line.

In the early stages of development, Rubin and his team wrestled with the complexities and nuances of a field known as Sports Information Distribution or SID. Essentially, the objective of the sports stats service is to deliver the massive amounts of statistics, scores and schedules into neat, organized packages to fans and athletic teams alike. Rubin constantly incorporates distribution and consumption, the two key factors of college sports information, into the design of his customer’s athletic websites. Rubin keeps pace with technology trends and incorporated social media into his platforms.

As SIDEARM continues to grow its brand, so too does its business. High schools, colleges and universities liked the functionality and sharp design of the websites. One of the distinguishing features of SIDEARM Sports’ websites is that no two are exactly alike. Certain sports such as football receive more attention than others, but SIDEARM’s clients seek to represent all aspects of their athletic department. It’s almost as though Rubin had an innate feel for both the fan and their team. A love of sports can make all the difference.

SIDEARM Sports founder and CEO Jeff Rubin. He developed sport stats service that creates athletic websites featuring live stats and sports streaming services for football and NAIA streaming, among others.

SIDEARM Sports founder and CEO Jeff Rubin

“We’re the perfect blend of sports junkies and technology geeks,” the company states on its website.

To date, SIDEARM has helped create websites for more than 800 athletic programs ranging from various levels of college and even high school programs, as well as individual conferences such as the Big Eastfar and away the most of any comparable company. At the lower levels of college, NAIA streaming is an example of how SIDEARM is bringing more attention to lesser-known entities. SIDEARM Sports takes the information provided by their clients, which include team and player stats, standings and news updates and uses them in conjunction with sports streaming services like live and on-demand video and live stats to give fans the most access and the best possible online experience.

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