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CNY’s Best: Dog Parks you and your best friend will love

CNY’s Best: Dog Parks you and your best friend will love

Syracuse offers a variety of places where pet owners can hang out with man’s best friend — dogs. If you and your dog are trying to make some puppy pals, these are some of the dog parks in Syracuse if you are trying to have a great time with your pet.

Wegmans Good Dog Park

Wegmans Good Dog Park is located in Liverpool, only about a 15-minute drive from the Syracuse University campus. The park is split into two sections: one for dogs 25 pounds and under, and one for larger dogs. It is sponsored by the Wegmans grocery store chain, who keeps the park in excellent condition. The park includes swings and long fields for you and your dog to enjoy. There are other dogs present so as long as Fluffy is trained, you’re good to go!

“[It’s a] great place to let your dog run,” said Tracey Poulsen, a Syracuse dog owner who visits Wegmans Good Dog Park frequently.

Jamesville Beach

For off-leash fun, Jamesville Beach offers a more natural setting. The trail surrounds Onondaga Lake, and all the areas around the trail, including the beach, are off-leash spots. You can let your dog run freely as long as they stay within sight. Children play in this area, so there are frequent precautionary signs to highlight the significance of unleashed dogs that are not sufficiently trained.

Tipp Hill Dog Park

Another top spot is the Tipp Hill Dog Park, a 12-acre area that features wildlife and has no shortage of squirrels for your furry friend to chase. It is a great park to let your dog roam free, or you can follow the paved trail if you are training your dog. This one is another off-leash place to take your dog out and have a good time. There are often other dogs and dog owners at the park, and many individuals post their photos to the park’s Facebook page.

Barry Park

Last, but not least, Barry Park is located only a few short minutes from campus located at the intersection of Meadowbrook Drive and Broad Street. The park features swings, slides and see-saws, two tennis courts, several soccer goals, a basketball court and a beautiful water fixture. It is a great place to take your dog for a walk, rain or shine. Make sure to bring your leash!

According to Charlotte Flynn, a Syracuse native who visits the park often, “The trail around the pond offers proximity to nature not often found in cities.”

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