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Wegmans Grocery Store is a CNY favorite,纽约州人们的最爱:Wegmans!

Wegmans Grocery Store is a CNY favorite,纽约州人们的最爱:Wegmans!

On the outside, Wegmans might look like a typical grocery store. But take one step inside and you’ll see why Central New Yorkers are obsessed with it.

当你从外面路过时,Wegmans 也许看起来就像一个普通的超市。但是只要你推开大门走进去一步,你就会明白为什么纽约州人们会如此痴迷于它。

The stats

The grocery chain operates in more than 90 stores in six different states, and it all started in Rochester, New York in 1916. The family-owned business has turned into one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Wegmans has over 48,000 employees and more than $8.7 billion in annual sales.

该连锁超市已经有 90 多家店铺分布在 6 个州,这一切开始于 1916年的纽约州罗切斯特市。这个家族企业已经转变成了美国最大的私人企业之一。Wegmans 拥有超过 48000 名雇员,并且年销售额超过 87 亿美金。

There are 46 stores in New York where you can find a market cafe (take-out or in-store dining), a ready-to-eat section including fresh sushi made daily, a sub shop, a coffee shop, an organic salad bar, a pizza shop, bakery, floral shop, health, beauty and cosmetics, housewares, a pharmacy and more.

在纽约州有 46 家 Wegmans,在这里你可以找到 Market Cafe(可外带和店内用餐的区域),可以找到提供当日新鲜寿司的即食区;可以找到三明治商店、咖啡店、有机沙拉吧、披萨店、面包店和花店;你还可以找到护肤和化妆品、家庭用品和药物……

photo by Vic Guo

The experience

“Wegmans is like Whole Foods on crack,” says Alexa Piwowarski, who has been a Wegmans shopper her entire life. “Combine the cheapest grocery store — like Aldis — and Whole Foods and you get Wegmans. It’s cool. The best thing about Wegmans is their own brand. They label everything that’s vegan with a big green V.”

作为 Wegmans 的忠实且终身客户,Alexa Piwowarski 说:“ Wegmans 抵得上一百家 Whole Foods(美国连锁超市,只出售有机商品),把最便宜的杂货铺,如 Aldis(来自德国的全球连锁超市,提供每周特惠,以物美价廉出名)和 Whole Foods 结合起来,你就得到了 Wegmans,这真的棒极了。他们最棒的就是品牌自身,他们用大的绿的 V 标记了所有的素食。”

Piwowarski, who is vegan, says Wegmans is the only grocery store with a variety of vegan foods at an affordable price. She says she frequently shops at the store’s Nature Marketplace department, which features organic foods, vitamins and natural beauty care products.

Piwowarski 是一名素食主义者,她说 Wegmans 是唯一一家以实惠的价格提供种类繁多的素食的超市。她经常在超市的 Nature Marketplace 部门购物,该部门提供了有机食品、维他命和天然的美容护理产品。

The fan club

She’s not the only Wegmaniac out there — the grocery chain has its own subreddit (r/wegmans), Facebook groups for fans (where you can also find deals and coupons) and even has its own musical

她不是仅有的 Wegmaniac(对 Wegmans 粉丝的称呼),这家连锁超市有自己的 subreddit( Reddit 网站上的子论坛),Facebook 粉丝团体(在这你同样可以找到折扣和优惠券),甚至有自己的音乐剧。

But, there is a downside to shopping at Wegmans — the lines. The long, long, long lines. In my personal experience, I’ve found the best time to shop at Wegmans is 11 p.m. and later. The store in Dewitt is open 24 hours, by the way.

但是在 Wegmans 购物有一个缺点:线路,非常长的线路。根据我的个人经验,我发现在 Wegmans 购物的最佳时间是晚上11点。顺便提一下,Dewitt (位于Syracuse)的商店 24 小时营业。

Pro tip: Become a member of Wegmans FREE Shoppers Club and get digital coupons based on what you buy most, access to exclusive member-only mailings and create shopping lists organized by aisle.

小提示:加入 Wegmans 免费的购物者俱乐部,就可以根据你购物习惯获得电子优惠券,也可访问会员专享的邮件,并根据超市货架管理你的购物清单。

给中国朋友们的特别提示:(点这里)找到了一个 B 站视频,从 00:38 开始录制 Wegmans,更直观的感受纽约最棒超市的魅力。



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