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Best Boutiques in Downtown Syracuse Women’s Clothing

Best Boutiques in Downtown Syracuse Women’s Clothing

Pity, the international student coming to Central New York. The vast majority of international students come from considerably warmer parts of the world. Thus, their first adventure is a hunt for Syracuse clothing and snow gear.

Subsequently, students need be equipped to with basic snow gear—snow boots, scarfs, hats and thick winter jackets. These necessities will help any student get through the winter weather in the snowiest college town in America. But, for females, we like to be warm and trendy at the same time.

In order to avoid the overwhelming stress of shopping at malls, or the headache of ordering online for your next weekend festivities or date night, we have come up with a list of boutiques of Syracuse clothing to find the latest women’s fashion.

Therefore, check out these price-friendly clothing stores for Syracuse clothing in downtown Syracuse.

Frankie and Faye

Frankie and Faye is a top-end dress shop that sells everything for less than $50. It carries unique and affordable clothing that cannot be duplicated and they are known for their fleece lined leggings. Above all, they offer the ultimate shopping on a budget boutique, especially during the winter.

Syracuse clothing of Frankie and Faye

317 S Franklin St, Syracuse, NY

Midnight Sun

This bohemian boutique has a huge collection of clothing to keep you warm in winter, from sweaters to jewelry to accessories. Their clothing style aims to be funky and comfortable, with a hint of L.A. Besides, the store owner prides itself on good quality, good style, and affordability. In fact, shopping here can cost you anywhere from $10 to $200.

Syracuse clothing of midnight sun

406 S Franklin St, Syracuse, NY

Modern Pop Culture

As one of the oldest boutiques in downtown Syracuse, it carries high-end clothing from vintage to casual. Their selections are too hot to keep on the racks. In other words, don’t expect to see duplicates! Deeply rooted on its vintage clothing and affordable pricing, their selection of contemporary clothing ranges from shorts to dresses. Prices range from about $7 to $200. You can look New York City chic even in the Syracuse winter. You won’t be disappointed!

Syracuse clothing of modern pop culture

306 W Jefferson St, Syracuse, NY

Vintage Love

Vintage Love is a new boutique with bright, unique clothing, with a lot a fur. This store carries fashionable clothing, deviating from the modern look. Particularly, its bold colors and vintage looks are sure to give you a retro sense of fashion. For this retro look, you won’t have to spend much; prices begin at $20.

Syracuse clothing of vintage love

201 E Jefferson St, Syracuse, NY

Bounce Boutique

Priced in the middle range of its sister stores, Frankie and Faye and Jet Black, this boutique has everything–clothing, jewelry, and accessories–costing no more than $200. Bounce’s assortment of clothing selected from the latest fashion week in New York keeps the store trendy, yet affordable. The store has clothes for every social event possible.

Syracuse clothing of bounce boutique

124 Walton St, Syracuse, NY

Jet Black

A one-stop shop with a pricier selection, unlike its sister store Bounce. Nevertheless, Jet Black has everything from casual wear to shoes to jewelry and accessories but misses a formal wear selection. Therefore, this upscale boutique is for the college student who isn’t worried about money. Want to look like you stepped out of New York Fashion Week? Jet Black has you covered.


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