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EB Active Technology

EB Active Technology

Runners, cyclists and pedestrians will now have the opportunity to be physically active in the evening with EB Active’s soon-to-be released active wear with LED technology.

Gabriela Escalante, CEO of EB Active, co-founded EB Active, previously called Electro-Beats Apparel, to provide safety jackets to runners, cyclists and pedestrians. The recent graduate and entrepreneur started her first business in high school and moved to Syracuse to expand her knowledge in entrepreneurship.

Gabriela Escalante (CEO) cannot wait to expand the products of EB Active.

Gabriela Escalante (CEO) cannot wait to expand the products of EB Active.

She springs from an entrepreneurial family, her parents work in consulting, and that’s where she learned a lot of what she knows now. She said she’s always wanted to start a business.

“I’m really passionate about taking something out of nowhere and picking it up on the ground and making it, developing it and letting it grow,” she said. Escalante previously sold t-shirts in El Savador, but stopped managing it when college began taking up most of her time.

The team of six is finishing up the prototype and will be ordering 100 jackets to start off when they decide on the manufacturers. For now, EB Active is an e-commerce business with selling everything online.

Escalante has always wanted to own a business.

Escalante has always wanted to own a business.

The dry-fit jacket is designed with two LED wires called EL wires. One wire lights up the jacket in the front and the other lights the back. The jackets also have reflective ink, Escalante said. The design is also based on feedback received from different focus groups. For instance, more lighting is put onto the front because the focus groups said most runners run against traffic.

Customers will be able to charge the jacket with a USB cord so the LED lights can last six hours, Escalante said.

EB Active’s team had to carefully consider the technology and fashion when designing the jacket because they wanted to give the customers exactly what they wanted and it had to be functional.

Fashion designer, Mare Gomez-Bolaños, used women’s curves and men’s tough lines as sources of inspiration when designing the jacket. She also had to consider pattern making when it came to the EL wires due to their careful placement.

Gomez-Bolaños works from Florida, but she was contracted by Escalante, a former classmate in El Salvador. “You have to make peace between the form and what you get inspired by, and how you manufacture it,” she said.

Bolaños finds the passion and dedication of the EB Active team inspiring. It makes it easier to work with a group of people who love what they are doing.

LED lights in new jacket to keep runners safe after sun down.

LED lights in new jacket to keep runners safe after sun down.

But the team won’t stop there. Escalante knows the product would be marketable for sports outside of cycling and running, specifically sports played at night and athletes who need this type of safe activewear.

“It would be tailored to whatever they need and like,” Escalante said. “And if the jacket should be more breathable and tailored for their specific movements.”

Until then, keep a look out for a functional, beautiful and safe jacket from EB Active that can allow you to stand out and get your sweat on in the evenings after work.


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