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Finding halal food in Syracuse and Central New York

Finding halal food in Syracuse and Central New York

If you are a practicing Muslim and are new to Syracuse, you have probably already faced the ultimate food struggle: where can you find halal food?

When you were at home, finding halal food was never an issue. Now, you either opt for fish or restrict yourself to vegetarian meals. Of course, that’s not counting the times you had to go through moments of doubt, refused food, or accidentally ate food that was not halal.

 Halal is an Arabic word for permitted or lawful. It refers to food allowed under Islamic dietary laws. This includes meat and poultry that was slaughtered in the Islamic way, packaged and prepared meals, and food ingredients e.g., soft candy should not contain pork gelatin. Contrary to the mainstream conception of halal food, avoiding pork and alcohol are not the only restrictions.

Oasis Mediterranean Market also provides Halal sweets (SARA LAFKIR)


With that in mind, here is a list of places where you can find halal food in Syracuse:

Pyramids Halal Meats, butcher shop

Pyramid Halal Meat in Northside, Syracuse, was launched in 2011 (SARA LAFKIR)

Hani Mahmoud and his wife Tatyana have been supplying Syracuse with fresh halal meat since 2011. With the growing Muslim refugee community in Syracuse, Hani said that the demand for halal meat is growing. From fresh, to smoked and processed meat, Pyramids Halal Meats’ offerings include: beef, chicken, goat, turkey, lamb, hot dogs and salami.

Tatyana Mahmood (on the left) and Hani Mahmood owners of Pyramid Halal Meat (SARA LAFKIR)

Tatyana Mahmoud is mainly in charge of the deli side of the store. She serves prepared halal dishes such as curry goat, kofta kebab, senbousa, fried chicken, shawarma, gyros and other Egyptian-inspired dishes.

Location: 1700 Lodi St, Syracuse, NY 13208-2639 US

Contact: (315) 314-7296

Euro Bazar, market and Bosnian restaurant

Euro Bazar, a Bosnian restaurant and market, provides halal food for the Muslim community in Syracuse (SARA LAFKIR)

Located on the North side of Syracuse, Euro Bazar is a Bosnian restaurant and market. However, the food is not limited to Bosnian products — the list is much longer than that.

“We provide halal products from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Bangladesh, [and] Afghanistan,” Kasim Muhovic, owner of Euro Bazar, said.  

Kasim Muhovic, owner of Euro Bazar, a Bosnian restaurant and market located on Burnet Avenue, Syracuse (SARA LAFKIR)

So, if (like me) you have been homesick for mom’s dishes, just get the recipe and you will probably find the ingredients you need at Euro Bazar.

The restaurant serves famous Eastern European dishes such as Cevapi (grilled minced beef served on pita bread with freshly diced onion and sour cream or ajvar), Pljeskavica (grilled minced beef formed into a patty served on pita bread) and Gulas (a type of gravy made with various seasonings and chunks of beef served with mashed potatoes or rice).

Location: 1207 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, NY 13203

Contact: (315) 299-6201

Oasis Mediterranean Market, grocery store

Oasis Mediterranean Market welcomes shoppers with decorative flags of Muslim-majority nations (SARA LAFKIR)

The store welcomes shoppers with decorative flags of Muslim-majority nations. With a greater focus on Mediterranean food, Oasis Mediterranean Market provides all sorts of product, this includes halal meat and poultry, cheeses, olives, nuts and spices. Besides halal meat and poultry, many of the products in Oasis Mediterranean Market can be found in bigger American supermarket chains. But again, you don’t want to spend hours reading the labels to make sure that all the ingredients are halal.  

Location: 2646 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13224

Contact: (315) 449-0002


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