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Finding ingredients in Syracuse for Caribbean recipes

Finding ingredients in Syracuse for Caribbean recipes

You can find delicious Caribbean cuisine in Syracuse thanks to these top three eateries. Still, you may find yourself craving your mom’s ducana or goat water.

In that case, you’re going to need to go shopping for a few specialty items. Here’s a cheat sheet of places to check out for you to get started.

For meat and pasta: CNY Regional Market Authority

Windy Hill Goat Milk's deep freezer of goat meats.

Goat meat cuts and dairy products reign supreme at this Windy Hill Goat Dairy stall at the CNY Regional Market Authority.

When most people think of farm markets, farm-grown fruits and vegetables tend to come to mind, but there is so much more in store here. If you’re looking to score some goat meat, beef tips or oxtails, head over to this farmer’s market. Not only will you be able to find beautiful cuts of meats, but also a variety dairy products like those from Windy Hill Goat Dairy.

“We have seven different breeds of dairy goats and meat goats,” said Barry Gaughan, co-owner at Windy Hill Goat Dairy. “We also sell cheese and yogurt.”

In fact, in addition to the array of soft and hard cheeses and drinkable yogurt, Windy Hill Goat Dairy also makes lotions and soaps from their goat’s milk.

Owner of Flour City Jon Stadt sells pasta to a customer.

Owner of Flour City Pasta Jon Stadt makes and sells his pasta creations every week at the CNY Regional Market.

Another gem at the market is Flour City Pasta. Here, you’ll find a sprawling display of more than 50 varieties of pasta, all handmade by owner Jon Stadt. Consider substituting your usual noodles with Stadt’s Squid Ink Fettuccine, Trecce or Garlic Chive Pappardelle the next time you make rasta pasta to add an extra kick to your dishes.

Pro tip: Inquire about buying large quantities as this may give you discounted prices.


For key produce: Walmart Supercenter and Wegman’s

Christopher is displayed in the Walmart produce section.

Keep an eye out for your key ingredients like christophene, starfruit and mushrooms at you local markets.

Don’t disqualify your local supermarkets because they may surprise you. Wegman’s is a gold mine for finding key ingredients like fresh herbs, a wide range of mushrooms and tropical fruits like dragon fruit, guavas and starfruit. And DeWitt’s Walmart Supercenter carries plantains and christophene to pair well with your soups and stews.

Pro tip: Names for some items vary from place to place so be sure to do a little research when asking for your favorite hard-to-find foods. For example, what you may know as “christophene” or “cho cho” is labeled here as chayote.


For the specialty items and comfort foods: Global African and Caribbean Market

Cans of Milo and other goods are stacked on shelves.

Get your canned food favorites like Milo and Nido at this local store.


If the winter weather has you missing the taste of staples from home like Milo and Nido, stop by this 2806 James Street store to get your quick fix. You’ll also be able to find fish here to make your saltfish, as well as frozen greens to make callaloo. Even better, pick up hard-to-find skin care items like raw shea butter, black soap and Dettol.

Pro tip: Since these items can sell out quickly, call ahead at (315) 883-0236 to make sure that your favorites are in stock.


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