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This German Lesson Is Everything You Need To Understand Oktoberfest

This German Lesson Is Everything You Need To Understand Oktoberfest
Welcome to the German Oktoberfest! Source: Pixabay

In his seminal work The Cat In The Hat, the great American writer Theodore Geisel wrote that “it’s fun to have fun but you have to know how.” That is equally true for playing with toys and drinking mass quantities of beer under a tent. This article is your guide to understand Oktoberfest, and learning how to have fun with German beer.

Since I moved to Southern Germany for my academic education, I was forced to experience the full Oktoberfest vibe. Now, I would like to share my knowledge with you – helping you not just survive—but fully enjoy the next Oktoberfest. 

For your safety and wellbeing, I created five German rhyme phrases, so you know what to say in case you are out of words. (Practically, the same sentences apply for parties on the Spanish islands Mallorca and Ibiza.)

Please do this before you start drinking. Source: Pixabay

Key Oktoberfest Phrases

Fully understanding Oktoberfest means understanding how to get more beer into your glass. These phrases are key.

Siehst Du den Boden von Deinem Glas, muss schnell her ne neue Maß!

Means roughly: “I want to drink more”

Noch ein Maß Bier, dann reicht es mir hier!

Say this, if you slowly want to stop drinking beer (you probably won’t use this phrase, I know)

Willst Du Dir dein Image wahren, darfst Du nicht am Dirndl sparen.

This is for all the girls out there! Cheap German garb (dirndl) is never flattering. Never.

Die Bank fällt, in unserem Zelt!

At Oktoberfest, you dance on the benches. As you can imagine, they often fall during this process. Here is what you can say in that situation, just in case.

Willst du eine Brezel essen, kreuzen sich die Interessen. Mein Tipp für Dich – mit Käse nimmst Du’s nich.

An authentic German pretzel has no cheese on it. For the real experience, go for the ones without.
Understanding Oktoberfest: This is what a real German pretzel looks like. Screenshot it! Source: Pixabay

Probably, these sentences are hard to remember but once you have written them down and practiced the pronunciation, you will find many new friends at the Oktoberfest. 

Let The Music Be Your Guide

Adding to this, I would like to give you a heads up on the real German music. Let’s say you are at an Oktoberfest. If none of the following songs are being played, you should either admit that the people who own the tent don’t really understand Oktoberfest, or leave.

So, here are the most important and meaningful German songs that shouldn’t be missing, plus the most important lyrics parts. Check out this website, if you want more inspiration.

Most Important Lyrics:
Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di eh

Du host du gsagt
und Fu hab i gedacht
wasd nur du mit mir machst
wenn nur du für mi lachst
I und du und nur der Mond schaut zu
Dann sagst du Hulapalu, Hulapalu, Hulapalu
Most Important Lyrics:
Cordula Grün, Cordula Grün, Cordula Grün
Ich hab’ dich, ich hab’ dich, ich hab’ dich
Cordula Grün, du bist so schwer zu versteh’n
Cordula Grün, ich würd’ dich gern wiederseh’n
Cordula Grün
Ich hab’ dich, ich hab’ dich, ich hab’ dich
Ich hab’ dich tanzen geseh’n
Most Important Lyrics:
Atemlos durch die Nacht
Spür’ was Liebe mit uns macht
Atemlos, schwindelfrei, großes Kino für uns zwei
Wir sind heute ewig, tausend Glücksgefühle
Alles was ich bin, teil’ ich mit Dir
Wir sind unzertrennlich, irgendwie unsterblich
Komm nimm’ meine Hand und geh’ mit mir
Most Important Lyrics:
Morgens, mittags, abends, wir wollen saufen
Der Hahn muss laufen
Morgens, mittags, abends, er muss laufen
Hauptsache Alkohol

After this lesson, I have no doubts you are on your way to understanding Oktoberfest. The next one is going to be a roaring and singing success. Have fun and take care!

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