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Handcrafted, Quirky Cards for All Occasions

Handcrafted, Quirky Cards for All Occasions

“I’m gonna love ya till yer dead,”  “I want to kiss your face so hard,” and “I want your smooches.”

These are just a few of the quirky messages on the handmade cards that were created and sold by Katie Vaz at the annual Salt Market in downtown Syracuse.

Vaz is just one of many designers and artisans living and working in the Syracuse area.

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The one of a kind hand-lettering showcased on the cards is unique to Vaz. She first learned about hand-lettering while studying Integrated Design at the Anhalt University. After graduating, she opened an Etsy shop to continue to explore the art form. From there, her business was born.

Vaz said she always enjoyed making homemade cards for friends and family. When she opened her Etsy shop, her goal was to sell a few. Three years later, it’s a full-blown business, she said.

Working out of her home office in Candor, Vaz dedicates half of her career to her Etsy shop where she sells her handcrafted cards, and the other half of her career to freelancing graphic design projects.

“It’s really hard to separate personal life and work with something like this because I put everything into it,” Vaz said.

At her small desk packed with art supplies, she draws the designs and lettering on each card, then uses computer software to vectorize each design, and prints them on recycled paper.

Her crafted cards were sold at the Salt Market in mid October, where she received positive customer feedback. Vaz said her booth was busy from the time the doors of the annual market opened until closing at 5 p.m.

There was a constant stream of people visiting her booth, she said. “Everyone was kind and excited to see my cards. It made my heart happy.”

Vaz has noticed that her customers closely follow the handmade movement, appreciate the handcrafted work, and pay attention to those details, she said.

Her cards express love, happiness, and other emotions that can be hard to get across. When Vaz studied her customers, she realized many were in long distance relationships. “The cards are a good way for people to communicate their feelings,” she said.

Vaz has created products that speak to a variety of people. Whether one is timid and introverted, or expressive and quirky, there is a card for every personality. And if one just can’t figure out exactly what they want to say, there’s the card that reads, “Because I’m bad at talking about my feelings…”

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