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Having a Party? Here’s How to Hire a Food Truck!

Having a Party? Here’s How to Hire a Food Truck!

Whether you’re hosting a graduation party, wedding, shower, or birthday party food trucks are a unique way to let your guests enjoy a variety of food. Before you decide if you’re going to hire a food truck to your event, here are some things to consider.

The Syracuse Food Truck Association has 30 trucks on its roster and is a good resource for hiring food trucks. The SFTA can help you decide if you should invite a food truck to your event is the way to go. 

  1. Decide How Many Trucks You Need
    First you want to know how many guests will be attending your event. This will allow you to decide if you need more than one truck. You don’t want all of your guests waiting in line for long periods of time. If your event is large then you should look into hiring more than one food truck. More food trucks offer a fun way to serve different varieties of food. 
  2. Compare Costs
    Each food truck is priced differently. Their price is based on the what type of food they are providing. The trucks will also factor in how many people will be attending the event. Once you have a budget it is easier to decide which food trucks will work best. Keep in mind that based on your type of event you will either be paying for your guests to have an “open” food truck (no charge to them) or your guests will be paying for their own meals. The food truck you hire will need to know this ahead of time and your cost will vary based on this factor.

    Block parties are better with food trucks. | Photo taken by Skda from
    Block parties are better with food trucks. | Photo taken by Skda from
  3. Find Out if You Will You Need Any Special Permits
    Public spaces may require a permit but having a food truck come to your property may not. The Syracuse Food Truck Association will help you sort out any questions about permits and what you need to do to get them.
  4. Know If Your Location is Good for Food Trucks 
    Is your event in a public space? Will there be lines of people at the food trucks? Food trucks need at least three parking spots worth of space to operate, so it’s important to give the food truck enough room. Keep in mind that some food trucks need to hook up to a power source while some bring their own generator.

    Classical favorite foods are a must option for your food truck. | Photo taken by kendallpools from
    Classic favorite foods are a great option for your food truck. | Photo taken by kendallpools from
  5. Be Sure to Schedule the Food Truck for Enough Time at Your Event
    Food trucks need time to arrive and set up before the event. Make sure to factor this into the time you schedule them. Typically the food truck will arrive to your event one hour prior to when you want them to start serving. You always want to discuss this with the food truck team to make sure the timing is correct. You should also know how long you want them to serve food. If you schedule a truck for too long, then it could result in a higher cost for you. Too little time can cause your guests to be unhappy.
  6. Make Sure the Truck is Able to Provide Appropriate Food for Your Event
    First find out if the truck you’d like to hire offers a customized menu or only their standard menu. Don’t expect a truck to completely change their type of cuisine for your event. A very important question to ask is, “Do they offer options for those with dietary restrictions and if not are they willing to add those options for your event?” If the food truck is not willing to offer this, then you may want to look for another option so that all of your guests can be accommodated.

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