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How to Buy Bite Box Food Truck Items All Year Long

How to Buy Bite Box Food Truck Items All Year Long

If you missed Bite Box at this summer, there are still ways to get their goodies all year long. Food truck season is almost over, and with it goes the Bite Box food truck experience. Fortunately, the food truck chefs also work out of some actual buildings.

Option 1: Visit A La Mode Cafe

If you don’t want to rent the whole food truck, you’re in luck! There are still viable and fantastic options to seek out Bite Box menu items in Syracuse all year long. Bite Box has stationary locations, one of which is at A La Mode. The cafe, located at 331 Nottingham Road in Syracuse near the university. It’s menu is ~a bit~ more extensive than Bite Box’s, but its options are limited to sandwiches, soups and salad. Don’t worry, though; Mac n’ Cheese! You can build your own sandwich or order specialty sandwiches or salads, hot paninis, wraps and breakfast sandwiches.

Bite Box Food Truck's scrumptious mac n' cheese.
Bite Box’s scrumptious mac n’ cheese that rocked at the Syracuse Food Truck Festival. | Photo taken by Hannah Lees.
Option 2: Get your nom noms at The Deli Downtown

Don’t want a sandwich? The Deli Downtown at 54 Main Street in Cortland, NY, has got you covered. As the name suggests, you can expect the same sandwiches that are also featured at A La Mode, but there are still a few more options, including rice bowls and desserts. So, if you’re a bit out of Syracuse, there are still Bite Box options!

Option 3: Go to 315 Brewing Company on Fridays (while it lasts)

Bite Box currently hangs out at the Local 315 Brewing Company on Fridays. Nothing beats a Friday night with a cold brew, a hot snack and live music. The next (and looks like final) outdoor event of the season will be held on Friday, October 25. As always, Bite Box will be in attendance, so it’s time to get that bite while it’s still hot!

Bite Box Food Truck and their contact information.
Bite Box at the Syracuse Food Truck Festival. | Photo taken by Hannah Lees.
Option 4: Rent Bite Box

If you miss your chance to catch Bite Box at an outdoor event, then there is always the option to rent the food truck on your own for snacks at any event, party or just to satisfy your savory tooth. Better yet, if you rent Bite Box, the food truck will cater their menu to your event preferences, which is a plus in anyone’s book! Unlimited Mac n’ Cheese? Count me in. Personally, I wouldn’t stray too far from their menu, considering their tasty options, including the Chicken in a Waffle Cone, a classic poutine and fried pickles.

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