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Rudy Schmid Offers The Best Auto Care in CNY

Rudy Schmid Offers The Best Auto Care in CNY

Winter lasts half a year in Syracuse, and long-time residents know that you have to prepare. Driving on snow and ice requires concentration, and if you’re new to the challenge you don’t want to be distracted—or handicapped–by a car that isn’t prepared for the conditions. To help out first-year drivers, we asked the experts at Rudy Schmid to guide us through the most important steps to take to prepare for driving in ice and snow.

Diane Schmid-McCall, the co-owner of Rudy Schmid Total Care Care, is the third-generation of the family to run the Northside car body shop. Schmid-McCall’s grandfather Rudy was a German immigrant who started the business in 1930s, and he established the family’s reputation for building good relationships with customers. Today, his granddaughter is proud to say they treat customers—and employees—like their family. This is what she wants her family to do to stay safe on winter roads.

Getting Started
The basics matter, so Schmid-McCall says first and foremost, keep up with your essential maintenance. “It is really important to get your car checked and repaired at least twice a year,” she said. “Especially before the start of winter.” Have someone check the filters, fluids, tires, brakes, battery and belts. It’s not a very big investment and it ensures the cold doesn’t harm your car, Schmid-McCall said.

You can contact Rudy Schmid Total Auto Care at 315-422-8879, or visit their website

Schmid-McCall also mentioned that the small investment of auto care every year is a smart a proactive choice for car owners. “It’s more effective than waiting until your car fails,” she added.

Below-freezing temperatures can sap a battery’s power and prevent your car from starting in the morning. If that happens, give the shop a call. They’ll set up a time to pick up your car from your home, then do car maintenance in their shop.

There Will be Salt
The Salt City knows how to melt road snow and ice, but the road salt we apply so liberally can do some serious damage to your car. Rudy Schmid offers special oil for rust proofing cars. The oil and penetrant create a moisture barrier and another gel coating saves the car from rusting.

Diane Schmid-McCall talked with her employees during work.

Diane Schmid-McCall talks with employees throughout the work day.

Get A Grip
It’s not necessary for everyone to own winter tires but it is important to make sure that tires are not bald and without tread locks, according to Rudy Schmid. But Schmid-McCall said the owner manual was the best reference to look right type of tires based on the type of the car. For a front wheel drive, two tires could be enough but if your car has all wheel drive, you will need four tires.

Even though SUVs are a popular choice for Central New Yorkers, many people will still drive small and light cars. Schmid-McCall said if your car is that type, putting clay-type kitty litter in your trunk for the winter is a good idea. If you get stuck and your tires are spinning, you could put the litter under your car to gain traction, she said.

Once the car needs to get repaired, you will get the best service from the total car care body shop.

Once the car needs to get repaired, you will get the best service from the total car care body shop.

Accidents Happen
The big fear is getting into a slippery situation and damaging your car–or someone else’s. If you do have an accident, Schmid-McCall said it’s important to call your insurance company and claim the accident. Also, she says that car owners should pay attention to the deductible price of the insurance. The deductible price is the price you can afford when an accident happened. “Be aware of the deductible price before you buy the insurance,” Schmid-McCall said.

Keep It Clean
Winter in CNY doesn’t have a single temperature, and on sunny days when the snow melts it can throw a lot of dirty moisture. If your wiper blades have dried and cracked, it seriously impairs your vision. Schmid-McCall said regular washer fluid checks can keep you out of trouble.

Caring about people and preparing to provide the best service for customers made Rudy Schmid on of the best auto care companies in CNY. “It’s a group of people that work there and how they care about you and your vehicle,” Susan Gold said, a customer for about 25 years.

Gold has recommended Rudy Schimd to many of her friends. “I would never use another company,” she said.

If you’d like to schedule some maintenance with Rudy Schmid Total Car Care, contact them at 315-422-8879, or visit their website

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