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How to Apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa Online

How to Apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa Online

Life in Syracuse may be a little bit too boring for some people. Sometimes we want to get away from our too-busy, too-hectic life and enjoy a breath of fresh air somewhere else. Spending a lovely weekend in Canada could be a good choice. There you can refresh yourself both physically and mentally!

But for most international students, there is one essential step before embarking on this exciting trip: getting a Canadian visitor visa.

This is how to do it.

Step 1: Create an account

   Log in to the official website:

   Press “Continue to GCKey” to register for a GCKey user ID and password.

   Follow the instructions and provide relevant information about yourself.


Step 2: Upload your documents

   IMM5257 form

   IMM5645 form

   Bank Statement

   Travel History


   Digital Photo

   I20 (optional)

   The copy of student ID card (optional)

   Academic Transcript (optional)

If you are an international student at Syracuse University, you need to bring your student ID card to Steele Hall 106 to get the transcript (a blank transcript is also acceptable). Also, don’t forget to get a travel signature in Slutzker Center. If you don’t, you might just be stuck in Canada for longer than you may have anticipated.

All of your forms and documents must be in an electronic format. The maximum size for each file is 4MB and only the following format will be accepted:

  •       PDF (Portable Document)
  •       JPG, TIFF, or PNG (Image)
  •       DOC or DOCX (Microsoft Word Document)


Step 3: Pay your fees

After having electronically signed the application, you will be asked to pay a fee to the Canadian embassy: $100 CAD. You can pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and certain prepaid credit cards). Then, when your payment is processed, you will receive a message with confirmation number and a link to your payment receipt. You should print this page for your records.

Step 4: Send your passport

You will get an email requesting your passport and an additional fee for the Visa Application Center. You must pay this fee by money order, so you must buy a money order and get a scanned copy of it. Send the original money order to Philadelphia or Salt Lake City. The addresses are shown below:

CSC Consular Services Inc
Lockbox 3352
PO Box 8500
Philadelphia, PA 19178-3352


CSC Consular Services Inc
P.O. Box 410039
Salt Lake City, Utah 84141-0039


Then gather your passport and the following documents to send to the Visa Application Center (VAC).

   The passport request letter you received from IRCC

   Any applicable visa application centre (VAC) fees, such as passport transmission fees

   A pre-paid return courier envelope

   Full contact information, including a phone number and return address

   The VAC consent form


If you sent your original money order to Philadelphia, send the above documents to the New York Center, and if you sent it to Salt Lake City, send them to Los Angeles.


Canadian Visa Application Center – New York
290 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017


Canadian Visa Application Center – Los Angeles
2120 E Grand Avenue Suite 108A
El Segundo, CA 90245


Canadian visa

The Canadian national flag waving in the breeze in Thousand Islands.

More information about the visa application please visit:

When you finished all the steps above, you are all set to travel to Canada whenever you’d like for the next ten years. Enjoy the beautiful view and have fun!

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