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“How to shop smart in Syracuse”雪城购物不剁手!

“How to shop smart in Syracuse”雪城购物不剁手!

Shop smart in Syracuse! think it’s impossible to have an affordable and high-quality life in New York State? So did I. But it’s really not too hard. Although online shopping is popular and convenient, offline shopping is still an indispensable part of life, despite the rapid digitization of the shopping industry. What everyday items can we buy online for cheap but still find in stores to try in person? Let’s find out. Moreover, an additional discount will surprise you.



It’s normal for women to use cosmetics every day, so finding affordable cosmetics is key to looking good on a budget. And now, men are paying attention to skincare and basic makeup. The color of your foundation is more important than ever. Sometimes the foundation is so similar that it’s hard to choose the right color without applying it to the skin. It is much harder to choose the right color through different monitors and filters. So cosmetics must be offline entity selection. Destiny USA in Syracuse is a grest place to buy makeup. Not only is there Sephora and ULTA, but also Lord &Taler, Macy’s and other department stores, all of which have great selections. The bookstore at Syracuse University also has a Clinique counter for students who are in urgent need of products and do not want to travel too far.


女性日常购买化妆品再平常不过了。化妆品是决定着低消费,高品质生活的必要因素。现在精致的男性也开始注重皮肤护理和基础底妆了。那么粉底的颜色就很重要了。有时粉底颜色非常相近,不涂在皮肤上,我们很难选择正确的颜色。透过不同的显示器和各种滤镜就更难选对适合自己的色号了。所以化妆品一定要线下实体挑选。回购的时候可以在网上购买。周末可以去雪城的Destiny USA。其中不仅有丝芙兰,ULTA这种综合化妆品店,还有Lord &Taler,Macy’s等department 店。常用的化妆品都可以找得到。雪城大学的bookstore更有倩碧专柜,为急用产品而不愿意跑太远的学生提供方便。


In the United States,clothing and pant sizes are relatively reliable. Even though there may be differences between brands, it should not be a problem once you are familiar with the brand you like. But shoes are different. Everyone’s feet are different in shape; wide and narrow, short and long. Toe length is also different. You can buy beautiful shoes online without trying them on, but they are not always comfortable. After breaking them in they still might not be a good fit. So make sure to go to the electric fitting, and buy shoes in the afternoon. Because people walk all day by the afternoon, your feet will be at their biggest size during the day. Many brands have outlets in Destiny USA. It’s cheaper than Woodbury and its website.


在美国衣服,裤子的尺寸,还是比较靠谱的。即使每个品牌之间会有区别,但是当你熟悉一个品牌之后应该就没有太大问题了。可是鞋子就有所不同。每个人的脚的形状,肥瘦都不同。脚趾长度也不同。不试穿,你可以买到漂亮的鞋子,但是却不一定舒适。辛苦了自己,一段时间之后鞋子还是会被抛弃。所以鞋子一定要去电力试穿,而且买鞋要下午去。因为下午人们走了一天,脚会是一天中最大的时候。很多品牌在Destiny USA 开设了outlets专柜。价格比Woodbury和官网还要便宜。


With services like DoorDash, Good Uncle and Uber Eats, takeout software is on the rise. But the process of cooking your own food is an art. Some apps offer grocery delivery; however, beyond the monthly usage fee and delivery fee, the unit price is also more expensive than purchased directly in the store. Affordable food leads to an affordable life. Go to the supermarket, and cook with your friends during the weekend . Is there a better store in New York besides Wegmans? Because while Wegmans is amazing, it can be expensive. Many locals also like to visit ALDI, which, yes, has a branch in Shanghai, China. ALDI is a German retail giant with branches in Europe. There are also two stores in China. ALDI’s is known for its cheap, yet high quality selection, which is a major part of its business model. ALDI’s products are of high quality and low price, perfect for college students and those looking to grocery shop on a budget.


外卖软件越来越多,但是自己烹饪的过程也是一种艺术。平时买菜也可以在instacart等其他日用菜品送达grocery delivery 软件上购买。但是细心生活的人们会发现。App上购买除了每月使用费,送货费之外,菜品单价也会比在店里直接购买贵一些。如果条件允许,周末和朋友一起逛超市,做饭聚财也是很幸福的。那么在纽约除了去Wegmans之外还有没有宝藏超市呢?很多当地人还会喜欢去ALDI,是的,就是在中国上海也开了分店的奥乐齐(ALDI)。ALDI(阿尔迪)是德国零售业巨头, 在欧洲都有分店。在中国用奥乐齐的中文名称也开出两家门店。ALDI 的老板是以节俭出名,并以此来作为商业理念。由于同种产品经营的品牌少,单品可以增大进货量。所以ALDI的产品品质高,价格低。


Maybe you like a quiet evening in, playing videogames at home. But in New York, don’t let the weatherkeep you indoors. There’s tons of great outdoor activities to choose from, including apple picking, field trips, snowboarding/skiing and tasting wines at local wineries. You can also have a picnic and take pictures at one of the of the many lakes near Syracuse. Even better, a lot of these activities are relatively cheap or free. Check here to make your plan: From pumpkins to hiking: the ultimate 2019 central new york fall bucket list


也许你喜欢安静。在家琴棋书画,打游戏。可是在纽约州,不要辜负了好天气。FROM PUMPKINS TO HIKING纽约上州自驾游是非常好的选择。采摘苹果,郊游,还可以去当地葡萄酒庄品尝佳酿。也可以带上准备的野餐,去湖边拍照看美景。不需要花太多钱,亲近大自然,放松一身的劳累。购物与电影,烹饪与野营,总有一款适合你。点此制定一个合适的计划:从南瓜到郊游。


A suitable residence is the foundation of everything. Upstate New York is big but bustling. In addition to getting the best bang for your buck, location and safety are top priorities. Click here to view the housing security distribution and find the right housing for yourself. Tips for neighborhood and campus safety in Syracuse




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