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Jet Black Brings High Fashion to Downtown Syracuse

Jet Black Brings High Fashion to Downtown Syracuse

Jet Black in Syracuse’s Armory Square tends to surprise the international students who come to Syracuse to study. People who have shopped for couture in Shanghai or Abu Dhabi do a double take when they stumble onto a boutique that looks like it was transplanted from 5th Avenue in New York City. Then they walk in and make a fantastic discovery—shopping for the latest fashions doesn’t mean you have to travel all the way to the city. You can find fashion designer clothing and shoes in Jet Black in downtown Syracuse.

There’s no better measure of the shrinking global marketplace than in the global clothing market. Fashion matters everywhere. Even in a small cities like Syracuse, people’s tatses are shaped by global trends, and customers want the looks that have made waves in the global capitals like Milan and Paris.

In Central New York, the high-end fashion customers tend to come from Skaneateles and Manlius. Syracuse University Entrepreneurship Alumni Amanda Gold seems aware of this situation. She and her father Neil have started a fashion empire in Syracuse. Starting with the acquisition of Jet Black, the Gold’s have opened two more stores: Bounce, and Frankie & Faye. Jet Black targets high-end fashion while the others are aimed at more mid-market shoppers.

So if you’re looking to change your look, or upgrade your wardrobe, Jet Black in Armory Square Downtown Syracuse would be the best place to start.

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