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The Kind Coffee Company: The Best Coffee You’ll Ever Have

The Kind Coffee Company: The Best Coffee You’ll Ever Have

If you’ve ever gone to a coffee shop, you might expect to find some tables, decorative light fixtures, shelving full of ground coffee and mugs, and possibly even free Wi-Fi.

But you won’t find any of those things at the Kind Coffee Company – located at 715 West Fayette Street – because it is a roasting company.

Here you will find a bare bones storefront adorned with three barstools, some old furniture, trinkets and stacks of books spuriously categorized throughout the shelves. You will also find owner Doug Nicolaisen, prepared to give you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Nicolaisen is methodical in his approach to the process.

“I don’t sell the coffee past a day old. I have one coffee for the week. Monday’s a light roast, Tuesday is a medium light, Wednesday is in the middle, Thursday is slightly dark, and then Friday is dark,” he said.

He freshly roasts his beans every day for the proper serving because, “really good fresh coffee is like fresh bread right out of the oven,” he said.

Nicolaisen starts his mornings with a fresh focus, so his customers can decide when the best time is to make their coffee for their taste.

“I immediately turn on the roasters. I firmly believe you are coming for fresh roasted coffee not more than a day old. If someone wants buy my roast older that ok but I think it should get old on your own time,” he said.

The Kind Coffee Company has been in business for 18 years, and in that time, Nicolaisen has made some changes to his menu.

“When I first started I had 32 different kinds of coffee, 32 bags of coffee in here, and 11 different roasts. All the coffee was sold roast to order while you waited and took about 5 minutes. But people didn’t understand the value added or what that actually means having fresh roasted on demand the way you want it,” he said.

The business has successfully developed a loyal customer base that has spread purely by word of mouth because Nicolaisen doesn’t advertise for his store or even brand his own coffee.

“I say well hey look I don’t have to write on the bag. Put anyone else’s coffee in this cup and my customers will know it is not my coffee,” he said.

Nicolaisen believes in his freshly ground coffee campaign because of the intrigue that his store provokes.

“I’ve seen an uptake in bean sales because people wonder what I do if I don’t do lattés and cappuccinos,” he said.

While Nicolaisen will not expand the company anytime soon, he is open to someone else creating a café serving his coffee.

“I would really like to just come in and roast,” he said.

In the meantime, the Kind Coffee Company is open Monday – Thursday 7:30am-3:00pm and Friday 7:30am-4:00pm.


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