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LivableCNY Recommends: Cycling Clubs!

LivableCNY Recommends: Cycling Clubs!

There’s a universal truth you used to know when you were younger, and if you’re past a certain age you’ve probably forgotten it; bikes are a lot of fun. At LivableCNY we love cycling. It’s healthy, it’s good for the environment, and it can be a great social activity. Whatever you’re into, road biking, mountain biking, BMX, or triathlons, CNY has an active and vibrant bike scene.

In Central New York you have a number of choices for great cycling, and we recommend joining a group to make friends and get some great exercise. Here are a few options:

The Onondaga Cycling Club is a Central New York non-profit that organizes numerous cycling events including the Syracuse Grand Prix Cyclocross. The club schedules and conduct bicycle rides, vacation rides, races, and time trials from March through December throughout the Central New York area. They maintains a listserv, publishes a newsletter, holds an annual banquet (remember how we said biking is social?) and even gives out awards to recognize  participation and promote volunteering for club events. Check the site regularly for events.

 SU Cycling Club is a school affiliated sports club dedicated to road racing and mountain biking, which is open to all SU and ESF students. The club is a member of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) and attends races therein. Every club member is encouraged to race but it is no obligation.


To get involved, ride and/or race with us, simply join the Facebook group and come out to ride with us once the semester starts. There will also be club meetings throughout the year, which will be announced on Facebook and the mailing list. SU and ESF students are equally welcome in the club, and membership is a pretty even split between the two institutions.

There is a $50 club fee that covers race fees, and each member has to provide their own equipment, including bike shorts, a helmet, and of course a bike. The Club has plenty of extra gear, from racing jerseys to bikes, which they are willing to lend to new members while they work on getting their own equipment. “I borrowed a bike from our president Julian Georg from when I joined last September until I got my own in February. Julian worked for the US National team as a mechanic, so he’s incredibly knowledgeable about bikes and will perform maintenance on any club member’s bike that needs it”, said by Patrick Miles, the vice president of SU Cycling Club .

To make the most of bike season, we recommend 2 easy steps.

1.Start training. You’ll realize the best health benefits of cycling if you do it regularly, and the various clubs all take conditioning pretty seriously.

“Our primary goal is to introduce people to cycling and give them the ability to take it as far as they’d like. We’re open to all sorts of people and support everyone’s goals”, says Miles. With members of all sorts of ability levels, the officers will make sure that they are all able to make what they want of their experience in the club; some members race every weekend and train religiously to be the best they can, and others come along on group rides occasionally for a casual ride and to have a good time.

SU Club training starts in the fall and runs through winter. Fall is a good time to work on skills and techniques outdoors. Regular rides in fall are 1.5 hours long and take placeone to three times per week. In the winter, the club reserves a cycling room in Archbold Gymnasium for a couple sessions a week, and anyone in the club is welcome to come and ride.

2. Get out! Find a trail and start riding. The web site Map My Ride has a Syracuse-specific page with some recommended routes, and as the city catches on to the value of biking we anticipate seeing more dedicated bike lanes in the city.

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