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Living in Central New York is wonderful but it’s funny; when you ask young people about their future, they talk about leaving. They get stars in their eyes and talk about going to “the City” or somewhere on the West Coast. Their future is always somewhere else.

But when you ask young professionals, especially those with young children, why they came back, you hear a very different story. They’re quick to point out the region’s natural beauty, sense of community, and the cultural renaissance the area is experiencing.

Many who live here remember better times when companies like Carrier, Alcoa, Kodak and Xerox employed thousands. Those days are over, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Heavy manufacturing damaged the environment and devoured resources.

The Central New York region is working hard to rebuild. After decades of population loss and manufacturing decline, the people of Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, and all the communities in between are developing new businesses and new policies that are designed not just to grow, but to grow intelligently and sustainably. LivableCNY aims to share those stories.

The people of CNY are working hard to build livable communities, and we think the world should know about it. If you have ideas or suggestions, share them with us at

This site began as a project of the New Media Management graduate program in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Everyone who attends a College or University in the CNY area falls in love with the regions. The class of 2014 (listed below) is typical. Boer Chen, the Head of Site Engineering is from Shanghai China. One day, while walking back from lunch he remarked on how “clean the air and sky is here.” His home country is often held up as the future, but the only future Boer can imagine is right here, in Central New York.

LivableCNY founding Staff:

Whitman Littlefield, Editor In Chief
Ashley Villone, Editor

Shuai Wang, Director of Advertising
Yiran Mei/Yutao Tan, Adsense Operation
Jeffery Bieber, Adwords Operation

Boer Chen, Director of Engineering
Ipsitaa Panigrahi, Technology Integration
Xiaoxiao Liu, SEO Technology 
Robert Long Jr., Content Optimization Consultant

Min Peng, Director of UI/UX Design
Xiaoying Liu, Designer 
Jennifer Krist, Business Manager

Mengyu Chen, Social Media Manager
Siyuan Yu/Yang Hu/Zinxin Li, Social Media Operation 


Tony Shi, Cover Image Provider
Yilin Jia, Web Designer



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This site celebrates the people places, and culture that make Central New York one of the most vibrant and livable regions in the country. From Auburn to Utica, from Syracuse, to Ithaca, this is LivableCNY.

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