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Liftech looks to raise its digital profile

Liftech looks to raise its digital profile

Sometimes doing the heavy lifting to make yourself known isn’t needed, even if you’re a lift equipment company.

Liftech Equipment Company in Syracuse has found that out. Liftech has been leading the lift equipment industry in Central New York for more than 25 years. The Syracuse-based company sells world-class brands like JCB, Yale and Hyster.

It has even expanded its business outside of CNY to the upstate part of the state, Western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont, Although it has quite the loyal customer base, Liftech is facing the challenge of staying connected to nearby buyers and those far away. To expand its presence, it has decided to build an online with a new website.

mkt manager 2

Rich Curtis, the financial manager of Liftech Company, is trying to optimize the internet to promote products. Photo by Liu Jiang

“None of us in the corporate areas have the attention-span or time to sit and update the website everyday,” said Rich Curtis, the Marketing Manager of Liftech. “We didn’t do it well for a couple iterations.”

Liftech ignored the potential of its website like many others who have struggled to embrace the digital age. Even after hiring a firm to build and run its website, the company still stumbled in sales without consistent updating the site. That’s when the executives realized they had to try something completely different.

Liftech is launching a new online scheme.“We’re in our three-year process,” said Curtis. “In the first year, we’re changing the website style and figuring out who we are, what products we offer and what’s the profile the people that we want to target. ”

In the second year, Liftech will employ a professional full-time content manager to maintain the website. The content manager will be dedicated to keeping the website current, responding promptly to clients’ queries and educating Liftech staff to improve digital skills.

lift truck

The local Syracuse company Liftech provides forklifts and other equipments to many construction projects. Photo by Liu Jiang

Digital transformations are hard for those scrambling to understand new media, but Liftech is committed to completely updating its communications to take advantage of what modern media offers.

Curtis, who was born in the 1950s, has been using papers to document the business since the beginning. He had a difficult time digitizing management. “I even cursed it,” Curtis said. But, he’s grown more comfortable with the switch to more internet-interactive marketing techniques since his paper shuffling days.

Finding a balance between traditional business and digital management is tough, but the company leaders know it has to “adapt or die.”

“Moving forward and readjusting to the new digital world doesn’t mean we can’t deal with current problems,” Curtis said. “Agility is what we should do.”

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