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MIND Lab: The Best Hangout Spot in Downtown Syracuse

MIND Lab: The Best Hangout Spot in Downtown Syracuse

Still hanging out in bars and movie theaters? Want to experience something newer than the 20th Century? Bring your friends to Syracuse University’s MIND Lab. Newhouse Media, Interface and Network Design (M.I.N.D.) Lab.

MIND Lab was first established in 1997 at Michigan State University, and it then moved to Syracuse with Dr. Frank Biocca.

Although it was designed to be an academic laboratory, MIND Lab is also a wonderful choice for catching up with the most updated findings about how technology mentally and physically influences humans  in a much more intriguing way than writing a research paper.

In MIND Lab, you can have experience how virtual reality controls your mind and body by only seeing images. Sounds too academic and boring? How about this: You can easily have a real roller-coaster experience with surrounding ocean-castle scenes by only wearing glasses. You don’t even need to move your body. How real it is? People will fall down if they don’t hold onto the handrail.


You can also explore how your body and brain react to 3-D virtual reality. You can  learn about your body’s responses, such as blood pressure, hormone degree, and brain activities with this headset on. After that, you will have a better idea of what is going on inside your brain and what technology and games do to it.


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In MIND Lab, art has married technology and media interface, creating a spectacular visual-audio feast. With a smooth flow of music, an augmented animation presented on cubes in different angles and locations arouses your senses and shows the most immersive and impressive visual factors in a 3-D world instead of traditional 2-D display.

mind lab, syracuse university, downtown syracuse

For those interested in academic research, you can bring your project, interest, or just your idea to the MIND Lab if you’re curious about the human body and the mind react in a new technological environment. Don’t let your brilliant idea fly away. For those who aren’t interested in research, you can just hang out at the lab.

MIND Lab is located in the lobby of the AXA Equitable Building on 100 Madison St. in Downtown Syracuse. For more information please visit the official website of MIND Lab.


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