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Best Affordable Mexican Brunch in Syracuse

Best Affordable Mexican Brunch in Syracuse

On a bright, cool Sunday morning in Syracuse’s Columbus Circle, there’s a renovated Methodist church with a modern sculpture outside. Once an important center for the abolitionist movement, the steeple still stands tall against a clear blue sky.  But things are different now. Stand outside the 19th century doors and you don’t hear a choir. Today, the scent of Mexican food fills the air. The Mission serves an amazing Sunday brunch. The Mission Restaurant stands out amongst the surrounding buildings in downtown Syracuse.

Once inside, the vibe is clearly “authentic Mexican restaurant.” Brightly colored decorations and star-shaped lanterns hang along the booths, and pueblo-style prevails. Simple tables, chairs, and booths stand against bright yellow walls. Bits of the church remain, such as the high ceiling and stained glass windows.

My friend and I got a late start after a fun Saturday night and decided on a Sunday morning brunch to get us ready for a day working on all of the assignments that Syracuse University pile on us. We wanted to venture out and try a more nontraditional brunch — something more than just regular old potatoes, bacon, and omelettes. That drew us to The Mission.

When one pictures brunch, they might not picture chips and salsa, but when served with a Mimosa, it’s perfect.

We liked this restaurant for both its location and menu. Near campus, it’s about a five-minute drive with convenient, easy street parking on a Sunday despite it being located in downtown Syracuse.

The brunch menu has a wide variety of options, from Spanish-style egg dishes to breakfast quesadillas, earning it 4.3 stars on Google reviews and 3.5 stars on Yelp. Plus, being graduate students on a budget, most items were fairly inexpensive compared to brunch options at other restaurants.

We both ordered mimosas for only $6 each, made with cava — a Spanish sparkling wine — rather than the usual champagne. They were sweet, bubbly, and strong: a great start to our meal. We were so hungry, we also ordered tortilla chips and pico de gallo. The pico tasted fresh — a chunky combination diced red tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, and cilantro — just enough spice for a Sunday morning.

Next, our main dishes came out. My friend ordered the dulce de leche French toast, which came covered with powdered sugar and with a small side of apples, their fresh fruit of the season. It looked hot and delicious, and from what he told me, sounded nearly perfect.

I ordered rancheros — fried corn tortillas with a layer of refried beans, red chile sauce, cheese, two fried eggs and avocado. It was certainly a far cry from the usual American-style brunch. At first glance, it wasn’t too appealing, a combination of various brown, yellow and white foods, with the avocado being the only splash of color. But it ended up being quite filling and a great crossover between a classic egg breakfast and a Mexican lunch. Most importantly, it was hot, fresh, and super tasty — evidenced by the fact that I ate the entire thing.

Fried corn tortillas complete with refried beans, red chile sauce, cheese, two fried eggs, and avocado – a Mexican brunch delight!

Once our bills came, we were also pleasantly surprised with the price. With tax, my rancheros and mimosa came to around $15. An affordable bill, combined with delicious food and a colorful environment, made for a nontraditional brunch restaurant that I’m sure I will return to again soon. Full stomachs and happy wallets make for a great Sunday morning.

The Mission is located in Syracuse, New York at 304 E. Onondaga St. Brunch is every Sunday from the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you’re interested in a brunch that’s not just limited to Sunday mornings, check out Funk N’ Waffles for a late night, music-filled brunch vibe or some local Indian eateries that provide other nontraditional brunch options. If you’re not into brunch, check out our review of the best Syracuse restaurants.


Posted on October 2, 2018. Updated on November 19, 2018.

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