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For Custom Clothing It’s Modern Pop Culture or Bust

For Custom Clothing It’s Modern Pop Culture or Bust

Owned and operated by Nathan Schafer, Modern Pop Culture offers shoppers in downtown Syracuse a carefully curated collection of vintage clothing that will make anyone feel stylish. Customers can also get handcrafted, custom clothing, which is designed to perfectly match your style and measurements.

When you first visit this well decorated store, you don’t realize that all the merchandise is an assortment of vintage clothes. Visitors assume everything is new, because the handcrafted selection is so current and trending. This is what exactly the Modern Pop Culture owner, Nathan Schafer, wants you think, “I want people to feel the clothing is new,” Schafer said, “but it just happens to be vintage.”

Modern Pop Culture Store

Modern Pop Culture Store

Before clothing or jewelry ever sees shelf time, Schafer combs through every piece of inventory, making sure everything is in near new condition and lives up to his exacting fashion standards. When it’s not, he makes alterations to keep up with the current trends.“My ideal customers would be someone who like to have fun with their fashion and would like to try out different things.” Schafer says.

In this small, intimate clothing store, you can find designer names like Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Valentino and Diane von Furstenberg, but also true treasures that don’t need a brand name to shine. Schafer knows that what you put on in the morning sets the tone for the rest your the day. He believes that the right outfit really sets a person’s day off right. Schafer takes pride that his clothes give people that feeling.

“I like to say I am a store carry vintage but I am not a vintage store.”-Nathan Schafer, the owner of Modern Pop Culture

One unique feature of Modern Pop Culture is that the store provides custom tailoring. For this local boutique that means a lot more than hemming and button repair; Schafer is happy to apply his unique brand of creativity and customize any of the clothes found in his store and transform them into something unique and personalized. He’ll go one step further though, creating custom clothing from your closet as well. Schafer favorite part is always the same though, the moment when customers see the clothes he’s crafted for them for the first time.


Nathan Schafer, Modern Pop Culture owner

For Schafer, the personal shopping experience is one of the most important elements of Modern Pop Culture. He likes the small, intimate feel of his store, which guarantees he will have the opportunity to talk and learn about each of his customers needs in order to provide best clothing for their taste.

He uses social media to reach out and connect with each of his customers. He is always online and available to answer customers’ questions and each interaction helps him receive personalized recommendations.

Due to Nathan Shafer’s dedication and passion the store keeps growing. Shafer is now working with a talented fashion designer and graduate from Cazenovia College. They plan to sell the designer’s summer collection through Modern Pop Culture exclusively. How it works: Modern Pop Culture will carry samples of the designs at the store. If you like it, just tell Schafer. They’ll craft it to fit you perfectly based on your measurements.
Modern Pop Culture is located at 306 W Jefferson St, Syracuse, NY. Don’t have time to stop in to the store? An online store is coming in a few weeks.

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