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Match your music vibe with your mood

Match your music vibe with your mood

What’s your music vibe? We all remember those weekend nights when we’d put on our favorite outfits, go out with our friends or loved ones, only to be disappointed by the turnout simply because the music isn’t what we want. It can be hard sometimes to find venues that match your music vibe.

Whether you’re going out to a club or going on a romantic first date, you want to find a place with the perfect music atmosphere. A night in the city should make you want to stay out, not leave and go home.

What songs fit your mood? Where can you find live music near you? We’ve put together a list of live music places that’d best match your mood, and your music vibe.

Concert vibe: The Westcott Theater

Photography Credit: Randy Plavajka

If you’re in the mood for a concert, The Westcott Theater, a live music venue located at 524 Westcott Street, hosts and introduces a variety of artists ranging from rappers to EDM DJs. Whether you’re feeling for party vibes or club vibes, you can find new music based on what you like by looking at 16 live shows the venue has this month alone.

For more information about upcoming shows, visit

Late night food vibe: Funk N’ Waffles

Unlike the Westcott Theater, Funk ‘N Waffles, a Syracuse live music venue located on S. Clinton Street, offers a low-key vibe for live band music lovers. The restaurant serves breakfast food at late hours, and there are live music performances or open mic nights every night of the week. Though it doesn’t serve alcohol, the restaurant provides a laid-back atmosphere for audiences of all ages. Artists range from classic rock musicians to jazz bands. If you’re in the mood for a laid-back night with your friends, this the perfect place.

For more information about upcoming shows, visit

Date night vibe: Otro Cinco

If you’re looking to listen to some live music on a first date, Otro Cinco would be perfect. For over five years, the Spanish and Mexican food restaurant located at 206 S Warren Street serves an extensive list of food and drinks and creates a low-key vibe that would calm your first date nerves. Each fall and spring, Otro Cinco set up live music shows and great date music.

It’s a great place for date night!

Artist discovery vibe: Spark the Arts

Photography credit: Vanessa Rojas-Castillo

This music place brings in a wide range of rock and metal artists two to three times a week. The rather small studio space hosts a variety of events including art exhibits, live concerts and writing workshops. Though some events require tickets ranging from $10 to $15, others are free. This live music venue also introduces SU student musicians who produce original songs and albums. Whether you’re looking for a night filled with low-key vibes or a party with friends, Spark always has something for you.

Spark is located at 1009 E Fayette Street. For more information about upcoming shows, visit



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