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Fit Body Boot Camp Offers CNY’s Most Intense New Workout

Fit Body Boot Camp Offers CNY’s Most Intense New Workout

Fit Body Boot Camp, a fitness boot camp franchise dedicated to the increasingly popular boot camp workout routine, has opened its doors in Dewitt, offering clients a place to engage in the challenging, high-intensity fitness program.

The new gym, part of the larger Fit Body Boot Camp chain, opened September 10 and co-owner Jon Whiteway said he has seen new people signing up almost every day since the opening.

Dewitt Fit Body Boot Camp Co-Owner Jon Whiteway said he has seen new members sign up for boot camp programs every day since opening the gym in early September.

“It’s great,” Whiteway said. “Every day we’re seeing new people in here, so people are working out their new fitness routine, and some people who are just brand new to the fitness world, to people who are kind of fitness veterans. So it’s nice seeing a whole bunch of different people come to get in the rhythm.”

What is Boot Camp?

Boot camp is a 30-minute, high-intensity interval (HIIT) workout designed to burn calories and strengthen muscle. The fast-0paced movement causes heart rate to rise and fall repeatedly through cardio exercises and isolated muscle movement through weight lifting. Whiteway says this helps to burn calories even after the workout is complete.

“The benefit of high-intensity interval training is not only are you burning fat and burning calories while you’re here,” Whiteway said. “But up to four to six hours after the workout is over, your body is still burning those calories and that fat.”

One boot camp routine involves station workouts. Participants rotate to various “stations” that focus on one particular muscle group or body part, and eventually complete a full-body routine. Fit Body Boot Camp encourages personalized workouts, to make sure clients get the most out of their workout and achieve their personal fitness goals.

Fit Body Boot Camp members warm up during a Saturday morning workout.

Individual Attention

Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our workout programs are modified to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness level. Whether you’re new to working out or you’re an experienced fitness buff our professional trainers and coaches will help to modify every workout so that you’ll achieve your goals!” according to the Fit Body Boot Camp website.

Whiteway said this personalized attention is what sets Fit Body Boot Camp apart from other gyms. All coaches are certified personal trainers, who encourage and motivate clients throughout the workout.

Coach Holly Redman works on muscle strengthening with a member during a Saturday morning workout.

Another benefit to the boot camp program is the time dedication. Whiteway said because the class is only 30 minutes, it is an easy way for even the busiest people to fit a workout into their day while still burning more calories.

Fit Body Boot Camp of Dewitt is offering three free workouts to people who are looking to experience the boot camp workout. Classes are held as early as 5 a.m., but are offered throughout the afternoon and evening as well. Members are given access to a nutritionist, a private Facebook group and the Fit Body Boot Camp mobile app.

Dewitt Fit Body Boot Camp, Syracuse’s newest boot camp gym, offers high-intensity interval workouts to burn calories, fast.

“It’s just a lot of fun.” Whiteway said. “One of the big things is that you see the same people in class every day, you get nutrition coaching, so there’s accountability, there’s connection to people. It builds some sustainable life rhythms.”


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