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New Hope Mills: The Best Pancake Mix in CNY

New Hope Mills: The Best Pancake Mix in CNY

To make the best pancakes, you need the best mix. To find that, you need to visit the Central New York region.

New Hope Mills is a small family business and one of America’s oldest water-powered flour mills. The company produces a variety of blended flour products, but it’s the pancake mix that made the company nationally famous. In fact, the company not only sells locally, but it also provides its products to other companies nationwide through their private label.

“A large majority of our business is private labeled,” said Dawn Korbel, New Hope Mills’ sales and marketing manager. “New Hope Mills doesn’t go after companies they come after us.”


NHM offers sugar-free flour, another reason why people consider them the best pancake mix in CNY

According to some of the employees, the commitment that the family has towards the business is the key ingredient of New Hope Mills success.

To see the full product line, visit the New Hope Mills web site, or call them at (315) 252-2676.

The Weed family has owned and operated the mill since they acquired it in 1947 from the Rounds family, the mill’s previous owners since 1851. New Hope Mills has deep family roots and CEO Doug Weed is carrying the family tradition of providing quality products in the CNY area.

Duane Weed, one of the few family members left working in the company, said working for a family business is a blessing and a curse.

“It’s hard to put up with family,” he said. “But we are not simple employees that need to make the day. If the company loses, so does our family.”


Although they have the best pancake mix in CNY, NHM also produce cookie and waffle flour.

Passion, accountability and dedication are some of the characteristics that make New Hope Mills a leader company in its field, with their pancake mix being considered the number one flour of the CNY region.

The company represents a big tourist attraction in CNY as well. Its mill, which is around 200 years old, attracts tourists from across the country. Today, the flour mill and sawmill are part of the New York State and National Register of Historical Places.

New Hope Mills is also engaged in the community. It frequently donates to organizations such as the Syracuse Rescue Mission, Freedom Village and the Auburn Food Pantry.

All these factors contribute to make New Hope Mills a well-rounded business that produces quality products and represents a reason of pride for the CNY region.

“Commitment, hard work and being willing to get our hands dirty and make it happen it’s what we believe in,” Korbel said.

***** Correction****
The original version of this article misspelled Duane Weed’s name. LivableCNY regrets the error.

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