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Wine Country Update: New Policy for Wine Exported to China

Wine Country Update: New Policy for Wine Exported to China

International trade is a daunting business; there are cargo ships to book, distributors to contract, and countless regulations to comply with. Wine producers in the United States seeking to distribute in the growing Chinese wine market were responsible for filling out and filing a certificate of origin, certificate of health, and a certificate of authenticity and free sale. It was important for this process to be done correctly or risk their products being caught in an import limbo or worse.

As of March 2014, the United States Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau issued a statement announcing a policy shift from within The Peoples Republic Of China. Under the new regulations, wine exported to China from the US only needs to submit a one page Wine Export Certificate. This simplified document approved by the PRC’s Ministry of Commerce will replace the certificate of origin, certificate of health, and certificate of authenticity and free sale greatly, simplifying the entry of America’s wine to China.

During a press interview, in Guangzhou province in January, the president of the American Wine Import Association, A non-profit partnership supported by the US Agricultural trade office, Chinese wine distributors, and US wine producers, Tianlun Wen said, “The simplification of clearance is helpful for improving the market share of American’s wine in Chinese market and the sales volume of the next year is hoped to increase by 10%. It can be predicted that American’s wine enterprises will march towards the domestic market on a large scale.”


Mr Li, a Chinese business man who has imported US wine for years

He continued, “French wine entered the Chinese market earliest, so its market share and public praise is considerable. However, the American government has promoted the wine enterprises that entered the Chinese market constantly in the past few years.”

Wen said of the policy change, “It will be helpful for improving the share of US wine in Chinese market. After the new policies are issued, it is estimated that the sales of US wine will increase by 20% in China.”

The United States was the first country to reach this simplified regulation agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

According to statistics issued by the Peoples Republic of China customs department, the US is the sixth largest exporter of wine to China closely following Italy and Spain. That means the US exports more than 15,655,427 liters of wine worth $74 million.

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