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OptiGolf Syracuse: The Best Indoor Golfing Experience in CNY

OptiGolf Syracuse: The Best Indoor Golfing Experience in CNY

When it comes to mastering your golf game, there is one indisputable truth: If you don’t use it, you lose it. For all of us northern golfers, this is the time of the year that marks the end of the golf season. This is the time of year where your opportunities to play and practice become limited and your game starts to rust, forcing you to have to start from scratch once golf season comes around again.

But now,  you don’t have to go from November to April with no golf because OptiGolf Syracuse is now here. OptiGolf Syracuse, located in Destiny USA, is an indoor golf and entertainment center that allows you to play on real golf courses from around the world in a comfortable indoor environment, continuing to improve your game. OptiGolf Syracuse offers a complete solution for practicing and playing golf, with its extremely high realism, quality and system reliability.

Lisa Dodd, a frequent golfer and customer of OptiGolf Syracuse, said, “With the ability to bring your own clubs, hit real balls, and play the top courses around the world, OptiGolf is basically a virtual reality simulation of the driving range.”

Playing at OptiGolf is easy. You simply hit a regular golf ball into the durable screen where a video projector displays the image of the selected course and hole. The picture changes automatically, depending on the length and position of your shot. Once the ball has been hit into the screen, a simulated ball flight takes over showing exactly where your ball flies through a sophisticated ball-flight measurement system as you play shot after shot.

Don Beaudry, who works at OptiGolf Syracuse, thinks OptiGolf is like golfing outdoors. “It’s just like playing real golf, but indoors. Real clubs, real balls, real courses, real feeling,” he said. OptiGolf Syracuse provides its customers with 10 state of the art OptiGolf simulators, which has over 100 championship courses with locations such as Pebble Beach, Emirates and St. Andrews. You can play a round of 18 holes with friends, join one of their winter golf leagues or you can simply hit the driving range and practice your driving, chipping or putting. “OptiGolf Syracuse gives golfers an opportunity to continue to swing and practice to improve their golf game during the winter months, avoiding themselves from getting rusty in the offseason,” said Beaudry.

Don’t let your golf game get rusty; improve your techniques all year round. By continuing these aspects of your golf game throughout the winter months, it will allow you to be “ahead of the game” when the season starts back up again. Instead of “getting the kinks out” in April, you’ll be ready to apply your new techniques and tips as soon as the greens are ready, all because of OptiGolf Syracuse.

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