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Paleo Food Truck Brings a New Way to Eat Healthy in CNY

Paleo Food Truck Brings a New Way to Eat Healthy in CNY

Shaina Sidoti, 26, is the owner of Effortlessly Healthy, a paleo food truck which provides delivery and catering services, providing CNY residents with a quick a way to eat healthy.

A paleo diet consists mainly of lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

It’s just a natural way of eating,” Sidoti said.

Sidoti has convincing reasons as to why she promotes the paleo lifestyle.

“I healed my arthritis,” she said. “I was able to take it from severe to mild. I was also able to keep off 60 pounds.”

There has been some criticism of the paleo diet due to its exclusion of certain foods, such as legumes and grains, but Sidoti doesn’t let the disapproval of others diminish what she has been able to achieve.“I took a disease from severe to mild just by food. Your body is predisposed to eat a certain way. When you feed your body food it craves, it does good things,” she said.

EH is also helping others improve their bodies and maintain their lifestyles through her service. She has also accomplished quite a few feats since debuting her food truck last September and establishing her LLC this past August.

EH's rosemary chicken paired with broccoli and sweet potatoes

EH’s rosemary chicken paired with broccoli and sweet potatoes (Photo courtesy of EH’s Facebook page)

Many of EH’s customers are involved in Crossfit, an intense sport that combines Olympic powerlifting and gymnastics into workouts. Crossfit is also a huge proponent of the paleo diet, and Sidoti has been able to showcase her paleo cooking talent at major Crossfit events.

“I was the only caterer for the Crossfit Ohio Regionals, which is one of the largest regionals. I also had my food truck at Crossfit Northeast Regionals,” she said.

EH was also invited to the Crossfit Games in Los Angeles, which is the premier competition for Crossfit athletes where one man and one woman are named “the fittest” on earth.

Sidoti noted that out of her 100 clients, quite a few of them are not Crossfitters and have various reasons for using her services.

“Some of them do it just because it’s convenient, healthy food and they don’t want to cook or grocery shop. Some of them do it because they want to lose weight,” she said of her customers who range from elderly to young professionals.

Whatever reason people may have for trying EH, Sidoti and her five-person staff are ready to serve a dish.

“I truly believe in the diet and want to help people,” she said.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in more Paleo options, the good people at AthleticMuscle have built a page with lots of Paleo recipies.



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