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Community Acupuncture & Massage in Syracuse

Community Acupuncture & Massage in Syracuse

The Village Community Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Clinic, one of the two community style acupuncture and massage clinics in Onondaga Country, located on the South Bay Road , Northern Syracuse. I visited there on 11/8 Saturday , overcast sky ,chilly wind makes and deserted street make the clinic seems bland. However, when I step inside, the warm color and kindness specialists totally subverted all my previous perspectives.

“Everybody wants to access the top demographic, for them , the south part of the Syracuse might be the best choice to charge $75 ,$95 or over$100 for treatment” says Dr. Joshua Swart, a licensed acupuncturist studied both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. “ But the way the acupuncture works and the way as a practitioner you want to use it and provide it does not work in that way . You have to , I believe, offer in this setting. “Exactly as Dr. Swart said, the price of premier community clinic could be afforded and accessed by anyone in all demographics within a community model.


Certificate of Massage & Acupuncture

Certificate of Massage & Acupuncture

The service provided in Village Community Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Clinic are Acupuncture, Cupping , Massage and Reiki. Traditional Chinese Medicine, which have existed for over two thousand years, shows the change of solar term can make a great effect on human healthy. The ancients acupunctured acupoints selectively in different solar terms to prevent the season disease and now it also used to treat for pain, anxiety, stress and sleeping.

Acupuncture has been spread overseas in the 6th Century. According to the Chinese medicine diagnosis of etiology, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy diagnose the nature of disease. Then warming the meridians as well as conditioning the qi and blood in order to balance the yin and yang without taking medicines. In another word, the energy flow through your body and invisible energy manipulate the acupuncture points , when they shot off, it will turn themselves off to everything.

Dr. Swart said that one of the major condition of this country is pain and acupuncture is use for pain relief , all types of pain including head pain, back pain, shoulder pain and so on. And most customers are around 45-60 years old because most of these symptom can hardly be detected before 40. “We want to make sure the treatment effect on patients at the first time” Dr. Swart said ,”Most treatment works within three times or we have to end therapy”

“Traditional Chinese medicine views disease as complete a pattern as possible,” says Jennifer Wan, a professor in the school of biological sciences at the University of Hong Kong who studies traditional Chinese medicine. “Western medicine tends to view events or individuals as discrete particles. But one gene or biological marker alone typically doesn’t yield comprehensive understanding of disease” . Additionally, there are different treatment should be used even for the same symptom patients but for western therapy it will be treated with the same medicine.

“Although the only way for attracting customers is referrals by regular customers” says Dr. Joshua Swart. “I think more and more acupunctures are coming around and be accepted by residents because there are many people out there who are clinically effective and are also educating us in this issues “.



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