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Project 42 is Purpose-Driven Fitness

Project 42 is Purpose-Driven Fitness

Jeramy Freeman and his team at Well Rounded Fitness promise you can lose 42 pounds in 42 days. The trick, he insists, is not to master weight-lifting techniques or calorie counting, but to develop a sense of urgency.

Located at 6400 Collamer Rd, the program—called Project 42—has Freeman and his team working with clients throughout the Central New York area to conquer one of the hardest tasks everyday people struggle with: completing a goal on time.

“98 percent of people don’t achieve their goals because they have no sense of urgency, and they easily get off track,” Freeman says.

Freeman’s team meets and interviews each client at their East Syracuse facility to fully assess his or her mental and physical fitness, while also determining if they will be a good fit for the program.

The program begins with each of the participants signing a contract where they promise to commit to changing their fitness and improving their wellness. The formal commitment  ensures they will make significant progress toward their goal—a crazy almost unattainable goal.


“We need our clients to have a big goal that will require unwavering dedication and an indomitable spirit to achieve it no matter what,” Freeman said. “If we don’t feel like you are ready to fully commit or you are going to want to skip days, then we will tell you that you don’t qualify.”

Participants track their progress on a point system. For incentive, the client with the most points wins a trip to Hawaii as well as a three-month membership to the gym.

Before joining Project 42, clients Brian and Michelle were extremely overweight— neither one of them could run a mile without having trouble breathing.

After 42 days within the program, husband-and-wife duo lost over 100 pounds. Brian lost 62 pounds and Michelle lost 48. They adopted a common goal together and worked with the Well Rounded Fitness specialists to change their entire mindset.

“We changed our point of view to where we believed that every decision we made from when we woke up in the morning to when we went to bed was driven towards that overall goal,” Brian said.

“To fully participate in the program, it costs $1,480; but the training, results, and growth you will find is more than worth it,” Freeman said.

“Project 42 is dedicated to training people to live purpose-driven lives versus disappointment driven ones,” Freeman said.



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