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Side Hill Farmers, Not Your Average Organic Market

Side Hill Farmers, Not Your Average Organic Market

The best part of living a healthy life is indulging in healthy eating. Central New York has many food stores that support the many foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and one of the best is a surprising organic market in Manlius.

Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market is more than just a retail butcher shop. It’s a healthy lifestyle boutique. The foods on offer are seasonal and local organic meats, fruits and vegetables. For convenience, the store also sells gourmet lunch sandwiches and premade dinner options, and for foodies the staff offers cooking workshops built on family recipes.

Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market is located at 315 Fayette Street, Manlius, NY, 13104. When you drive from Syracuse, the shop is on the right side of the most heavily traveled commuter road in Manlius, a village ten minutes east of Syracuse.

Walk into the store and you’ll immediately see three main areas in the shop, each providing different services:

  • The Meat Counter. On your left as you enter the shop, this is the main focus of the shop. Here customers can find fresh beef, pork, poultry, and lamb. All of Side Hill Farms meat is natural (no hormones or antibiotics) and sourced from local farms in Madison County. Unlike the mass-marketed defrosted meat you find in chain supermarkets, the meat here is custom-cut to provide more choices for you foodies. What’s more, the classically trained butchers and chef will definitely help you with the dos and don’ts on how to prepare and cook the cut of meat you just picked.

Rib Eyes, Top Sirloins, and NY Strips provided by Side Hill Farmers. Facebook image.

  • Just beyond the meat counter you’ll find the prepared dishes. The specialty dishes change every day but always include a variety of sandwiches, meat dishes, salads, and soups. All of the dishes are made from ingredients sold in the store. If you can’t tell the difference between Side Hill’s meat and organic meat in chain supermarkets, take a bite of the prepared dishes, you’ll never go back to defrosted meat again. This department is the biggest selling point for Side Hill Farmers.

Staff Harley:”These babies have pork cutlets, smoked ham, pickled red onions, pickles, melted Swiss, and aioli.” Facebook image.

  • Local-foods grocery. This is the bulk of he store. The store is organized around convenience. Eggs, milk, butter, flour—all the staples are easy to find, and all of these products are from local farms, produced naturally. Their quality is a core promise of Side Hill Farmers.

Local fresh vegetables in grocery cases. Facebook image.

The store opened on July 2, 2013 and already has 12 local farm members in Central New York. Its mission is to bring benefits to member-producers and to the community. One member of the staff explains their mission:”We benefit member-producers by providing the market to educate consumers to get the region’s best products. We benefit the community by providing high quality food, bringing people in to learn about that food, and where the food comes from.”

Just like their mission states, the retail shop aims to introduce more customers to local farms in order to increase the return for their livestock, while the shop responds to the community’s growing interest in natural and local meats. With weekly retail sales of the shop increasing and an expansion in progress, it would seem that Side Hill Farms is well on its way toward accomplishing its mission and promoting Central New York as a healthy community.

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