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Solon Quinn Studios Production Company at a Turning Point

Solon Quinn Studios Production Company at a Turning Point

Filmmaker, founder of Solon Quinn Studios, and Syracuse native Solon Quinn sees value in bringing his cinematic skills back to Central New York. After graduating with a degree in directing and editing from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Quinn was determined to make movies and opened his studio in 2008.

“One of my professors told me if you want to make movies, you have two choices: You can stay in New York or LA, or you can go back home. So I came back,” Quinn said.

With the help of family and friends, the studio now has a number of customers including Centerstate CEO, Community General Hospital, and Syracuse University.

“Syracuse is a really small place. If I work with an actor or a model, [chances are] they are going to be related to somebody I grow up with,” Quinn said.

32-year-old Quinn is the studio’s namesake for two simple reasons: First, he stands by his work. Second, when colleagues move onto other projects, he wants clients to know that the studio’s standards will always be consistent.

“Solon Quinn Studios has Solon Quinn qualities,” he said.


Today, the studio is at a turning point in their business strategy. Ideally in next three years, they are going to be making major changes. Solon Quinn Studios will make commercials for only select clients, while mainly focusing on movies moving forward.

Quinn has a lot of creative freedom by working in Syracuse. Years ago, film production in the city was not as developed and most studios created used car commericals. “Starting a company here is like being a really big fish in a small pond. It really helps to sell,” Quinn said.

As high-end  film production company in Syracuse, the commercials and public service announcements Quinn makes are more art-oriented. Many of them express strong emotions with an emphasis on humanity.

Quinn appreciates the support that the Syracuse community has given his studio, and in return he’s advocated for issues such as gender equality and domestic violence.  Quinn has also done pro bono work for the Vera House, a domestic and sexual violence service agency. “Working with Vera House [grounds me and enables me] to see life and the issues I care about in a human form,” Quinn said.

Located on 253 Harrison Street, Solon Quinn Studios will be a staple of the Syracuse film scene for years to come.



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