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SU Students Compete In National Advertising Competition

SU Students Compete In National Advertising Competition

You overhear a lot of things when you walk through the Syracuse University campus; How great our soccer team is, where Otto was last spotted, is there snow in the 10-day forecast. But, credit scores? Never. Not until a team of five Syracuse University students began competing in the Credit Karma Campus Challenge.

SU is one of 20 schools across the country competing in the Credit Karma Campus Challenge. The competition, run by EdVenture Partners and Credit Karma, challenges students to create an integrated marketing campaign aimed at educating Syracuse University students and the community about the value of understanding credit and managing it through Credit Karma.

This team, comprised of 5 members of Syracuse University’s student-run ad agency, “The New House”, all have one thing in common: a passion for storytelling. They wanted to tell a story that would entertain, inform, and persuade people to pay attention to their credit. Their campaign – titled “Credit Horror Stories”—has one, simple message: if you have bad credit, you can’t buy the things you want in the future. No car, no new phone, no credit card, no house. The list goes on and on.

Tackling this truth head on, rather than acting as if bad credit isn’t scary and can’t hurt you, speaks directly to students in relatable, easily understandable terms. In addition, the sheer scope and visibility of their tactics ensures that their message can’t and won’t be ignored (kudos to the first guy who walked past a fake bad credit crime scene on the quad).

The team also created a “Bad Credit Graveyard” on the Syracuse campus, that featured the names of actual students and their wish-list items for the future that have been deceased due to having bad credit. The team also executed a social media video series called, “Credit Horror Stories”, featuring a “Bad Credit Grim Reaper” who traveled through the SU campus and its surrounding community to warn people about the horrors of having bad credit. Lastly, they chalked the Quad with “Bad Credit Crime Scenes” to send warning about the dangers of not knowing your credit score and falling victim to a bad credit nightmare.

The competition wraps up tomorrow, November 19th, and the team will be evaluated on their research, ability to increase awareness for Credit Karma, and drive Syracuse students and the community to become members for Credit Karma through their unique URL:

The winning team will be awarded scholarship money, possible job offers, and an all-expenses-paid trip to San Francisco to present their research, campaign, and results to Credit Karma. The company will then package the winning team’s ideas and recommendations into an initiative to be scaled to reach other campuses across the nation.

Students on the SU team are Cori Pavlicko, David Ondrich, Julia Burns, Katie Weisenberger, Emma Koziara, and Jaznee Wilson.



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